Does Burlington Take Apple Pay In 2023?

Yes, Burlington does take Apple Pay. This article compiles steps om how to use Apple Pay at Burlington.
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Does Burlington Take Apple Pay

Some sources across the web will say Burlington does not take Apple Pay meanwhile others say, Burlington does take Apple Pay. Well in this article I will be clearing most of your doubts on this topic and let you know if Burlington accepts Apple Pay or not.

Apple Pay is a mobile payment and digital wallet service put in place by Apple Inc. that lets users to pay in person, via iOS apps and on the using Safari. It works exclusively on iPhones, Apple Watches, iPads, and Macs.

For individuals use to shopping at off-price stores, you might have surely heard of Burlington, which is one of the largest off-price retailers in the U.S. Since a major part of their customers use an iPhone, it is necessary to know if Burlington takes Apple Pay as one of their payment method.

Does Burlington Take Apple Pay in 2023? well stay glued to this article I will let you know if Burlington takes Apple Pay and how to use Apple Pay at Burlington.

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What is Burlington?

Burlington, which was at first known as Burlington Coat Factory, is a national off-price department store retailer based in Burlington Township, New Jersey and a division of Burlington Coat Factory Warehouse Corporation, with 740 store in 40 states and Puerto Rico.

Does Burlington Take Apple Pay?

Yes, Burlington Does take Apple Pay. You can use Apple Pat at Burlington Coat Factory (Now referred to as Burlington) stores across America.

You should have no problem using Apple Pat to complete your purchase at most Burlington locations.

However, it is not yet clear if some of their stores accept Apple Pay or not. The fastest way to check if a specific location accepts Apple Pay is to type their address into Apple Pay and then check if they are displaying the Apple Pay logo or not. Seeing the logo shows that the location accepts Apple Pay.

Incase you do not see the logo, then that location may or might not take Apple Pay.

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Should You Use Apple Pay at Burlington?

Yes, if you are the type that shops at Burlington to get some great deals on household items, clothing, and more, then you should of course use Apple Pay.

With Apple Pay, consumers are empowered to protect their payment details far better than using a credit card or a debit card on its own.

Payments made with Apple Pay at built to protect your payment information from ever being revealed.

Your payment info are securely stored in your device and then payments are send to the merchant via Apple Pay, without the merchant getting your actual card information.

This is very important for individuals that value their privacy. Though this sort of privacy may not be a top priority for the average consumer, but Apple Pay still makes it so convenient that people will still love to use it even in the absence of that feature.

Even if Apple Pay was faster and easier, but less secured, some people will still choose to use it.

Apple Pay is actually an amazing way to pay due to the fact that it is easier, faster and also more secure than other payment methods.

Apple Pay makes use of your existing credit and debit cards for payments but just makes it more secured.

How to Setup Apple Pay to Use at Burlington Stores

The very first thing to do before you can start using Apple Pay, is to add your payment card to your Apple Wallet application on your iPhone.

Get your iPhone, open up the Wallet app and then add your card (credit or debit).

If you are not immediately asked to add your card, you have to simply click the little plus sign in the top corner, and then you can enter your payment information.

It is necessary you have in mind that the first card you add will automatically become your default payment method, but you can still add as many of your cards as you want to. Anytime you at the checkout of any store or restaurant that accepts Apple Pay as one of their payment method and want to pay, you can scroll through them and then choose any card that you will like to pay with.

When its time to pay at Burlington, simply take out your Apple device and then press the power button twice in a row. This is the shortcut to open up your wallet and then activate Apple Pay.

Incase you have this shortcut disabled in your phone's settings, all you have to do is to unlock your phone as you normally would, and then open up the Wallet app to access your payment details to make a purchase at Burlington or anywhere else that takes Apple Pay.

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How to Use Apple Pay on Your iPhone or iPad At Burlington Physical Stores

Once you have setup up Apple Pay and added a credit or debit card, you can use Apple Pay to pay at Burlington stores.

1. Open Your Wallet

On your iPhone home screen, open your Apple Wallet app.

2. Select Your Card

With respect to your preferences, you can use your default card or select another card. In order to switch from your default card to another, simply tap the default card and then select a new card to continue your current checkout process.

3. Verify Your Card With Authentication

You have to double click the power button in order to activate your Face ID scanner if it is accessible and may be used for authentication. Enter your phone's passcode if Face ID is not working.

Place your finger on the home button to scan your Touch ID incase it is present and can be used for verification. If your Touch ID does not work, simply enter your passcode.

4. Complete the Contactless Transaction

Now to complete the transaction, place your iPhone or iPad near or on top of the contactless reader. Before removing your device, wait for the checkmark and a message that says "DONE".

How to Use Apple Pay on Your Apple Watch At Burlington Physical Stores

1. Setup Your Apple Watch

In order to get started with the payment process, simply double-click the side button on your Watch.

2. Select Your Preferred Card to Pay With

Navigate through your Apple Watch in order to select your card.

3. Complete the Purchase

Now place your Apple Watch near or on top of the contactless reader and make sure that you feel a little sensation and then hear a beep that indicates that the beep is complete.

Once you follow these steps properly, you will be able to complete any of your purchases with your Apple Smartwatch at most of the Burlington stores.

What Other Payment Methods Does Burlington Take?

Incase you do not yet have an iPhone or are not ready to use Apple Pay yet, Burlington offers several other different payment method to all its customers.

You do not need Apple Pay to make payments over the counter with your credit or debit card. Burlington accepts cash, check, and gift cards.

Below are other payment methods accepted at Burlington

  • Credit cards/Debit cards.
  • PayPal.
  • Checks.
  • Cash.

Final Thoughts on Does Burlington Take Apple Pay in 2023?

You can use Apple Pay at Burlington stores because Burlington accepts Apple Pay as a payment method at most, if not all, of their stores.

You can check your local store by opening up their address in Apple Pay and looking for the Apple Pay logo, or giving them a call, but generally speaking Burlington stores will accept Apple Pay.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Burlington Coat take Apple Pay?

Yes, Burlington currently accepts Apple Pay.

Does Burlington accept PayPal in store?

Burlington accepts all credit and debit cards along with PayPal and, in some stores, Apple Pay.

What type of payments does Burlington accept?

The Burlington online shop accepts: AMEX, Euro/Mastercard and Visa.

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