How to Get Free Money on PayPal Instantly (15 Legit Ways)

This article provides a comprehensive list of the top ways to get free money on paypal instantly. It covers a variety of methods, like using cashback
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Get Free Money on PayPal

PayPal is well known online money transfer service that lets you send and receive money with ease and convenience. Aside from this, you can get free money from PayPal as well as Borrow money on PayPal but few PayPal users are aware of this.

Undoubtedly, free PayPal money sounds interesting, but are there actually safe and legitimate ways to get it?

Before we get started, it is necessary you have in mind that no company will send you free PayPal money instantly just to be nice. But many (PayPal included) will pay you for doing some light things like downloading an app, testing a devices, referring a friend or relative and many other things.

Though you will never get rich completing these small tasks, you can earn a surprising amount of money with little effort and some few megabytes since most of them will need your internet connection.

You can scan the table below to jump directly to options you are interested in, but before that, note that we recommend offers that credit to your account instantly, as well as those that offer the most earning potential.

Want to know how to get free money on PayPal? then stay glued to this guide as I will show you some legit and effortless ways to obtain free money on PayPal.

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What is PayPal?

PayPal Holdings, Inc. is an American multinational financial technology company operating an online payments system in the majority of countries that support online money transfers, and serves as an electronic alternative to traditional paper methods such as checks and money orders.

Quick Ways to Get Free Money on PayPal

Below is table that shows some quick and ways which one can apply in order to get money from PayPal for free.

Company Offer
Swagbucks Here, you will have to complete surveys, sign up for offers and then shop via their cash-back protal. You can cash out to your PayPal account once you reach $5 in rewards.
PayPal You can earn $10 by refferring someone to PayPal crypto but your referral must purchase $5 of crypto.
PayPal You have the possibility of earning $10 when you make a transfer to a friend that does not have a PayPal account. But your referral must join and spend $5.
Survey Junkie You have to survey and cash out to PayPal after you accumulate $5 in rewards.
PrizelRebel Survey site with no minimum withdrawal amount and a PayPal cash-out option.
Rakuten This is a Cash-back site known for high rates Pays via PayPal once per quarter.
InboxDollars Earn by taking surveys, playing games and shopping through their cash-back portal. Has a $30 minimum to Cash out via PayPal.
Dosh This is also a Cash-back app where rewards can be earned passively via card-linked ofers. As soona s you reach $25, you can cash out to PayPal.
Honey A Brwoser extension that pays cash back at select mechants (and automatically applies promo codes to your online purchases). The minimum you can cash out through PayPal is $10.
Upside Get Cash-back on gas purchases (uo to 25 cents per gallon).
1Q App Take short surveys. Earnings can be cashed out instantly to PayPal with no minimum withdrawal.
Mistplay Earn PayPal cash by testing new mobile games (Android phones only). $5 minimum to Cash-out.
Shopkick Complete task in store, like scanning barcodes. Earnings credit instantly and the minimum to Cash-out to PayPal is just $2.
User Testing Here you simply have to rate and review websites to earn up to $15 per hour, which can be withdrawn to PayPal.
Fiver Complete odd jobs online. Earnings take 14 days to withdraw to PayPal

Well, PayPal is actually just one of the numerous free money opportunities. You are now able to obtain free stocks, gift cards, crypto and cash as well.

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How to Make Free Money On PayPal

Making money online is a dream for many people. One of the most popular ways to make money online is using Paypal.

This article will discuss different ways that you can earn free PayPal money.

1. Complete Money Making Offers With Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a well known rewards and cash-back site that offers a number of ways to earn free PayPal money, including answering surveys and getting rebates through its cash-back shopping portal.

There are more than 20 different ways to get points on the site. Till date, the company has paid out about $740 million in rewards to its members.

The points you earn from this platform are redeemable for a PayPal deposit or gift cards and you are able to earn a $10 sign up bonus when you join via this link.

As compared to all the earning methods available on Swagbucks, the most suitable is the site's so called "money makers" which are offers where you spend a little bit of money up front but get paid more in rewards that the amount you spent.

You are able to earn big with these offers but there is often a 30 to 60 day waiting period for points to hit your account.

Get Free Money on PayPal

By achieving your weekly and monthly exercise goals, you can earn extra points. You can track your progress toward your daily goal, as well as your seven, fourteen, twenty-one, and thirty-one day goals, using the app's progress meter. Through regular use, you can accrue hundreds of extra points each month.

Payment Methods: With Swagbucks, you are able to redeem your points in various ways such as choosing to receive a PayPal deposit, selecting a gift card from dozens of major retailers, or making use of your points to enter "Swagstakes" which are sweeptakers for items like computers, video games console and gift cards.

Minimum Withdrawal Amount: Swagbucks do not have any minimum withdrawal amount, but most gift cards start at $3 (300 points). PayPal deposit are often available in the amounts of $5, $10, $25, $50, $100 and $250.

Have in mind that Swagbucks will only deposit money into a PayPal account with the same email address as your Swagbucks account.

How Long Does It takes to Get Paid: Before getting paid, you will have to verify your account and this can take between 1 to 10 days. Once it is done, it is often takes about 2 days for you to receive your rewards.

2. Refer Friends To PayPal Crypto

For the pas years, PayPal itself has offered numerous ways to earn free money. These offers come and go quickly, so you have to grab your opportunity as soon as you can.

One of the company's long-run promotions is a general referral bonus, where you can earn $10 per new PayPal user you send to the platform.

In today's world, the latest offer from PayPal is a promotion for its cryptocurrency portal, where you can buy and sell bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Litecoin - all from Within your PayPal account.

Here, you are able to earn $10 relatively easily by just referring a friend, who must then buy $5 worth of crypto. When they do, you will both earn $10.

This method more suitable as compare to the general referral bonus due to the fact that it is more easier to refer friends who are already on the platform and all they have to do is to buy $5 worth of crypto, which takes about 30 seconds.

Also, PayPal offers a $25 bonus to select customers when they buy $25 worth of crypto, though its not available to everyone but you can check your eligibility by clicking "Save Offer" here.

Payment Methods: Though your referral purchases crypto, your referral bonus is paid in PayPal cash (not crypto), so it gets added to your general PayPal account balance.

How Long Does It take to Get Paid: It often takes 2 weeks after your referral makes a qualifying purchase.

3. Refer Friends to PayPal

You have the possibility of earning $10 directly from PayPal by sending just 1 cent to a friend that does not have an account. In total, you can refer up to five friends, earning a maximum of $50 in free PayPal money.

But before you can receive the referral bonus, your friend will have to link a bank account or a debit/credit card to their newly-created free PayPal account. More to that, they will have to spend at least $5 through the account.

The money you earn from here is added directly to your PayPal balance and there is no minimum withdrawal balance.

Most at times, it takes 24 hours to get paid but in some rare cases, it can take as long as 2 weeks.

4. Take Online Surveys With Survey Junkie

If you are searching for ways to get free PayPal cash fast, taking paid surveys through Survey Junkie is one of the top 4 choices.

In the ranking of the best paid survey websites, Survey Junkie actually features as one of the best options. This is a trusted survey site that lets you exchange points for PayPal Cash starting at just $5, making its possible to sign up, start earning and cash out on the same day.

You can see both the compensation and the anticipated completion time for each survey when you check the list of available surveys. The greatest payments might not always be the best choices. Better than a poll that pays 500 points but takes 45 minutes is one that pays 100 points and only takes five minutes.

Survey Junkie

Check the site for new surveys on a regular basis. Survey Junkie has a ton of members, and each survey has a maximum number of participants. Acting quickly means you’re more likely to have access to the highest-paying surveys.

Payment Methods: With Survey Junkie, you get paid via PayPal deposit, gift cards or direct transfer to your bank account. Before you can cash out from Survey Junkie, your PayPal account must be fully verified.

Minimum Withdrawal Amount: 500 points, which is roughly $5 in value.

How Long does it takes to get Paid: Survey Junkie is actually one of the few sites that offers instant points redemption, and this makes it one of the best options when you need to make money fast.

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5. Take Online Surveys With PrzeRebel

PrizeRebel is a free site that pays you to complete online surveys. You can sign up in fewer than 10 seconds, start completing surveys immediately, and earn points that are redeemable for PayPal Cash.

While almost every survey website offers a referral bonus, PrizeRebel's is huge by comparison. You will get 15 -30% of your referral's lifetime earnings, with respect to your account level.

Earn extra points by completing daily goals.

Payment Methods: You can get paid through PayPal, through Gift cards to many of your favorite stores, via a direct deposit to your bank or in Bitcoin.

Minimum Withdrawal Amount: There is no minimum withdrawal amount here and some gift cards are available in denominations as low as $2. You can also withdraw your earnings in bitcoin once its reaches $5.

How Long It Takes to Gert Paid: Most users receive their rewards within 24 hours of redemption. “Gold users,” who have achieved a higher status on the site through consistent activity, get their rewards within 10 minutes.

6. Earn Cash-Back From Online Shopping With Rakuten

With Rakuten, you can get up to 40% cash-back at over 2,500 stores. The site is known for having some of the highest cash-back online shopping rates, but note that it only pays out four times per year.

With Rakuten, you can forget about points. When shopping online, only make use of the merchant's website, browser extension, or mobile application.

It sounds fantastic, but is it Legit?

Despite having a silly name, Rakuten is a sizable Japanese corporation with a solid reputation. Regular online consumers should use it since it routinely has some of the greatest cash-back rates available and has a simple system for tracking and paying out cash rewards.

In fact, one of The Ways To Wealth's editors has accumulated more than $700 in cash back from Rakuten in just over three years as a devoted user:

free PayPal Money

Do not forget to install Rakuten’s browser extension as it will alert you any time you visit a site with a cash-back offer, and it will show you whether that offer has been activated.

Payment methods: PayPal deposit or paper check.

Minimum withdrawal amount: You will need to have earned at least $5 in cash-back to receive your free PayPal money from Rakuten. Otherwise, your balance will carry over into the next period.

How long it takes to get paid: Rakuten pays every three months. So while it has some of the better cash-back rates online, it’s not a way to earn quick money and will require a little bit of patience.

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7. Complete Small Online Tasks With InboxDollars

Here comes another famous general rewards site, InboxDollars. The most suitable feature here are the third party offers, cash-back shopping and surveys.

InboxDollars offer a $5 welcome bonus but has a minimum $30 cash out requirement.

This site is owned and operated by the same company that is in charge of Swagbucks. The basic difference between the 2 is their ease of use. Swagbucks is actually a Baoba site with dozens of ways to make money, different goals to hit, challenges to meet and a multitude of redemption options.

InboxDollar is simpler and easier to navigate, has more streamlined selection of offerings, and clearly shows a cash payout amount (instead of points) to every survey on the site.

Similar to Swagbucks, the fastest way to earn is through money-making offers. Often these require just a few minutes of your time and pay well.

Another great option for getting real money on the website is taking surveys. Instead of receiving a predetermined amount of money for numerous activities, you'll receive credits for the website's "Scratch & Win" game (a virtual scratch-off ticket). The Scratch & Win rewards often are relatively little, as we show in our review, and are not something you should concentrate on.

InboxDollars reserves the right to cancel your account and forfeit any money you have earned up to that time if you go 10 days without accessing your account or replying to at least one paid email.

Payment methods: You have the possibility of  requesting a PayPal payment, choosinf from their selection of free gift cards, or opt for payment via paper check.

Minimum withdrawal amount: $30, no matter the payout method you choose.

How long it takes to get paid: After you request your cash, it may take up to 16 days for InboxDollars to process your payment.

8. Complete Online Task With Grindabuck

Grindabuck is a general rewards site that features in the same category as Swagbucks and InboxDollars. This platforms offers 15 various ways from which one can make money from home, including watching videos, reviewing ads, completing surveys, trying new products, completing micro-task and more.

In comparison to the previous sites already mentioned above, their offers are not good enough but it has friendly cash-out terms (Starting at just $10 for the first withdrawal). As soon as you have collected enough points, you can now convert them into PayPal cash.


You will want to login consistently since they offer a small bonus for daily use.

Payment methods: You can be paid out via a variety of ways such as  PayPal money; Amazon, Walmart and Visa gift cards; and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin.

Minimum withdrawal amount: There are three “VIP levels” (bronze, silver and gold), and the minimum withdrawal amount ranges from $1 to $10 depending on your level. The first time you withdraw, you’ll need to hit a minimum of $10. 

How Long Does it take to get Paid: Once you cash out, you’ll receive your free PayPal money, gift cards or cryptocurrency almost instantly.

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9. Earn Cash-Back on Everyday Purchases With Dosh

With Dosh, you link your debit card and/or credit card to your Dosh account, and then use your linked cards at thousands of participating stores and restaurants.

Due to the fact that they use different payment networks, you can stack Dosh with other some other cash-back apps.

Payment method: Rewards can be transferred to your PayPal account, a bank, or donated.

Minimum withdrawal Amount: Dosh’s minimum payout threshold is $25.

How long it takes to get paid: It may take up to 10 days after in-store transactions, and up to 30 days after online purchases, for your cash-back to be credited to your Dosh account. However, once rewards are in your account, transferring them to PayPal only takes 24 hours.

10. Earn Cash-Back From Online Shopping With Honey

Honey is a free browser extension that works in a similar way with Rakuten. You receive Cash-Back known as "Honey Gold" when you shop at participating retailers.

Since it is owned by PayPal, it is actually easier for you to redeem your Honey Gold for a PayPal cash deposit.

Honey also features a well regarded automated coupon code function. When you reach the checkout page of eligible merchants, the extension will check its database to see if there is a promo code you can use to save money on your purchase.

A little disadvantage with Honey is that using the browser extension is not optional as there is no way to earn cash-back without you installing it.

Payment methods: PayPal deposit or gift cards.

Minimum withdrawal amount: $10.

How long it takes to get paid: You do not have to wait cause the payment here takes place instantly.

11. Get Cash-Back on Gas

With the free cash-back app Upside, you can earn up to 25 cents per gallon when you fill up your tank in addition to collecting cash back at eateries, supermarkets, and online retailers.

Unfortunately, there are no passive income options with this. To receive incentives, you must open Upside and activate each offer. You must repeat this process for each transaction.

Nevertheless, depending on how much you drive, it can be worthwhile because earning $2.50 to $5 every fill-up is certainly possible.

Payment methods: PayPal cash deposit, bank deposit or gift cards.

Minimum withdrawal amount: No minimum withdrawal amount, but there’s a $1 fee for small cash-outs.

How long it takes to get paid: Approximately 48 hours.

12. Complete Super-Short Market Research Studies With 1Q App

1Q is a simple app with a simple user interface. Rather than taking full-length market research surveys, get paid 25 cents to answer a single multiple-choice question - which often takes seconds to complete.

Though the app has several good review from its users, there are some points that you need to know before getting in:

  1. The availability of questions is limited. 
  2. To get the most questions possible, you need to allow push notifications and location tracking.
  3. Questions expire after a certain period of time or when the response limit is reached, so you have to act quickly.

The amazing news here is that there is no minimum payout threshold, so the limited number of questions does not prevent you from cashing out.

You get paid immediately via PayPal as soon as you complete the question.

You are being paid via PayPal and there is no waiting time for withdrawals since it occurs instantly.

13. Test Websites And Apps on

With, you’ll provide feedback to developers about new websites and applications. The company is 100% legit, with well-known clients like Walmart and Adobe. 

In fact, a recent case example highlighted on the company’s website shows how users helped Adobe fine-tune its latest Creative Cloud tutorials.

The pay is $10 per 20-minutes of testing, and the work is fairly straightforward. You’ll typically watch a short video, visit a website or app, complete a set of simple tasks, and record your feedback via video or audio.

PayPal payments are sent one week after project completion.

14. Perform Odd Online Jobs on Fiverr

On the freelance marketplace Fiverr, you can get hired for just about anything you can think of. There are hundreds of other categories and an almost unlimited amount of methods to monetize your gift, no matter how odd it may be.

Some of the most popular occupations on the site are traditional freelance services like copywriting, proofreading, and graphic design.

For instance, I've come across freelancers who offer to create original poetry, paint your company's brand on their bodies while posing for images, and even one man who will pretend to be ESPN analyst Stephen A. Smith. So, as I said, there are numerous methods to use Fiverr to generate income online.


There are a number various ways to get paid on Fiverr, but PayPal is the most affordable and practical. After a project is finished, payments are in "pending" status for a period of 14 days. After that time has passed, you can transfer them to your PayPal account and start using the money right away.

15. Complete Small Research Tasks In Supermarkets With Shopkick

Shopkick is a free app that combines rewards, market research and mystery shopping. The primary way to earn points (which can be redeemed for PayPal cash) is by visiting select retail stores (like supermarkets) and completing various tasks, such as taking photos of product displays, scanning barcodes and verifying pricing information. 

You are able to  also earn points by purchasing designated items, scanning receipts, watching video ads and more. 

Payment methods: PayPal cash deposit or gift cards.

Minimum withdrawal amount: $2.

How long it takes to get paid: Instantly.

Can you get free PayPal money for signing up?

Yes, you are able to obtain free PayPal money for signing up via a friend’s referral link. Also, there are many other websites that pay you for signing up. Often, you can cash out those sign-up bonuses to your PayPal balance.

In other cases, you may be able to opt for a free PayPal gift card, even if a direct transfer option isn’t available.

Are there any free PayPal money scams to be aware of?

There are too many to list, but using common sense will help you stay away from them.

In a nutshell, any website that requests payment in order for you to join is a scam. It's a fraud if the prize seems excessively high compared to the time or effort required.

Additionally, even though every online survey site requests your personal demographic information, they should never request sensitive information like your Social Security number.

All of the choices we discussed in this post come from well-known, thoroughly verified businesses that have a solid track record of paying their members on time.

If you have been scammed on PayPal, you can check out this guide on How to to Get Money back from PayPal if scammed.

Final Thoughts on How to Get Free Money on PayPal

PayPal is well known online money transfer service that lets you send and receive money with ease and convenience. Aside from this, you can get free money from PayPal as well as Borrow money on PayPal but few PayPal users are aware of this.

There are many ways to make free PayPal money. You can do it by shopping at participating stores, taking surveys, playing games, and more. With so many options available, there’s sure to be a way that suits you. So why not start today and see how much free PayPal money you can earn?\

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you get PayPal cash by selling something on eBay?

eBay is still a great way to generate some extra money quickly, it’s not a good option if you need to replenish your PayPal balance in a flash.

Is Sweatcoin a way to get free PayPal money?

Even if Sweatcoin does provide PayPal gift cards, you can only be eligible for them by referring others, not by using the app yourself. Our list of walking-related apps includes information about Sweatcoin and related programs.

What is the fastest way to get free PayPal money?

The fastest way to earn free PayPal money is through PayPay’s crypto and general referral programs. These bonuses are the offers that credit to your PayPal account instantly.

Where can you get free PayPal cash codes?

There’s no such thing as free PayPal cash codes. You can get PayPal gift cards, which add money to your PayPal balance, by leveraging the options on this list.

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