Does McDonald’s Take Apple Pay? - How to Use Apple Pay At McDonald's

This article provides an in-depth look at the financial implications of mcdonald's taking apple pay, exploring the potential benefits and drawbacks.
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Does McDonalds Take Apple Pay

McDonald's corporation is an American international fast food corporation founded in the year 1940 as a restaurant in San Bernardino, California, by Richard and Maurice McDonald.

McDonald's does takes Apple Pay, and this means that you can order food at McDonald's in-restaurant, online and in-app by simply using the Apple Pay Contactless payment option to pay for your checkout.

Apple Pay is a well known contactless payment system that lets customers pay for their meals with their iPhones or Apple Watches.

It is a secured and convenient payment method which is actually valued by many consumers. Millions of fast foo restaurants, retail businesses, grocery stores, gas stations and other merchants accept Apple Pay, therefore speeding up the checkout process.

With Apple Pay, you can pay in stores, online and via the app on your mobile device.

McDonald's primarily sells hamburgers, cheese burgers, chicken, French Fries, breakfast items, soft drinks, milkshakes and desserts.

It can be a major issue when you around a big Mac but you do not have your wallet with you.

Do not worry about going back home to get your credit card as you will be able to pay with your card if you have your credit card stored in Apple Pay.

Does McDonald's Take Apple Pay? Yes it does. In this guide, I will show you how to use Apple Pay at McDonald's to pay for the items you consume.

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What is McDonald's?

McDonald's corporation is an American international fast food corporation founded in the year 1940 as a restaurant in San Bernardino, California, by Richard and Maurice McDonald.

Their business was renamed a hamburger stand and then transformed into a franchise, with the Golden Arches emblem first appearing in 1953 at a Phoenix, Arizona site.

In the year 1955, Ray Kroc , a businessman, joined the company as a franchise and went on to buy the McDonald's franchise. McDonald's worldwide headquarters was previously located in Oak Brook llinois, but in the June 2018, they relocated to Chicago.

McDonald's actually stands as the world's most profitable restaurant company, having more than 69 million customers served daily in over 100 countries and 37,855 locations as of 2018.

Though McDonald's sells a variety of fast food, they are most known for their hamburgers, cheeseburgers, and French fries. But they also provide chicken, breakfast, soft drinks, milkshakes, wraps and desserts.

In response to shifting consumer tastes and a negative backlash over their food's unhealthiness, the company introduced salads, fish, smoothies and fruit to its menu.

With more than 1.7 million employees, McDonald's is the world's second largest private employer, according to reports published in the year 2018. Th first position is occupied by Walmart with more than 2.3 million employees as of 2020.

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What is Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is a well known mobile payment and digital wallet service developed by Apple Inc. that lets user to pay in person, via iOS apps and on the web using Safari. It works on iPhone, Apple Watches, iPads, and Macs. Apple Pay is not available on any other device which is not an Apple device.

How Secure is Apple Pay?

It is actually safer to use Apple Pay rather than a physical credit, debit or prepaid card. For purchases on your iPhone, Apple watch, Mac, or iPad, you will be required to use face ID, Touch ID or your passcode. Your credit card information and identity are never shared with retailers, and your card numbers are never saved on your device or on Apple systems.

When you pay in store, Apple and your smartphone will not send your actual card number to retailers.

When you pay for an item online in Safari or an app, the merchant only gets the information you give them to complete your order, such as your name, email address and billing and delivery addresses.

Apple does not keep transaction information than can be linked to you when you pay with a debit or credit card. Have in mind that when you use Apple Pay, information is stored only for troubleshooting, fraud prevention and regulatory purposes.

Does McDonald's Take Apple Pay?

Yes! McDonald's does take Apple Pay in-restaurants, in drive-thrus, and in-app.

If you have an iOS device and your card is registered to your Apple wallet, Apple Pay will automatically display as a payment option within the McDonald's app.

Since as of the year 2014, McDonald's accepts digital payments including Apple Pay.

Is It Safe to Use Apple Pay at McDonald's?

Because no one can access your account without your passcode and retailers cannot view your payment information while you are making a purchase, Apple Pay positions itself as a relatively safe alternative to credit and debit cards or cash.

Information is transmitted via a special device account number allocated to each payment method when you use Apple Pay to make a purchase. That is, when you make a purchase, no one will be able to view your card number, PIN, or name because the payment methods associated with your accounts are encrypted.

Apple does not store payment data on its servers, but Apple Pay users can see their recent transactions through their Wallet app. Therefore, Apple Pay is safe to use at not only McDonald’s and other similar fast-food restaurants but also many major retailers that accept it.

Can You Use Apple Pay at McDonald's?

Yes, you are able to use Apple Pay at McDonald's in-restaurants, in drive-thrus and even in-app.

In order to use Apple Pay at McDonald's restaurants or drive-thrus, place your iPhone or Apple Watch close the NFC card reader. Choose the Apple Pay option on the checkout screen before placing your order to use Apple Pay on the McDonald's app.

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How to Use Apple Pay At McDonald's

For you to use Apple Pay at McDonald, tell the cashier that you will be using it at checkout and place your phone near the NFC cad reader to finish the transaction. If the transaction is successful, you will hear a confirmation message and see a confirmation message on the screen.

If the McDonald's you are purchasing from accepts Apple Pay, you will notice the Apple Pay emblem on the NFC card reader or in the restaurant window.

Apple Pay is a contactless payment method that takes just a few minutes to complete.

Before everything, you have to setup Apple to use at McDonald's.

How to Setup Apple Pay to Use at McDonald's

In order to setup Apple Pay to use at McDonald's with your iPhone, move to your iOS "settings" and open the "wallet" app. Then manually enter your credit or debit card number or use the camera on your iPhone to do so. In case you have a linked Apple watch, you can also add the card to your Apple watch.

You can follow the steps below so as to setup Apple Pay on your iPhone

  • Open the Wallet app and then click the "Add" button.
  • Net, tap "Debit or credit card"
  • Tap "Continue"
  • Choose your bank from the list of find it using search. Then follow the steps on the screen to add new card.
  • Verify your information with your bank. You can be asked to provide additional information before your card is approved to use with Apple Pay.
  • If you have a paired watch, you have the option of adding the card to your Watch in the last step.

As soon as you are set to pay for your order, go to Apple Wallet and select Apple Pay, then, depending on your Apple device, you can follow the steps to proceed.

How to Use Apple Pay At McDonald's Drive Thrus

Apple Pay can be used similarly to a restaurant while using the drive-thru at McDonald's. Start by placing your order at the drive-through using the speaker. Tell the cashier you'll be using Apple Pay as you get to the checkout counter, and then put your Apple device next to the NFC card reader.

All McDonald's drive-throughs have NFC Card readers installed to accept payments made with credit cards, debit cards, and mobile apps like Apple Pay.

More to that, if you pay with Apple Pay at a McDonald's drive-thru, the cashier won't need access to your iPhone or Apple Watch. The NFC card reader is conveniently accessible through your car's window.

Below are the steps involved when using Apple Pay at McDonald's Drive-Thrus.

  • You must have an active Apple Pay account, with at least one valid debit or credit card attached to your wallet.
  • While waiting in-line, you can launch the Apple Pay app.
  • When the cashier is set. He/She will hold the credit card payment terminal out the window.
  • You now have to hold your phone a few inches away from the terminal.
  • You will receive your food shortly once Apple Pay shows a successful purchase.

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How to Use Apple Pay on McDonald's App

You can also use Apple Pay to pay for orders created in the McDonald’s app as follows:

  1. Proceed to checkout after creating an order using the McDonald’s app on your iPhone.
  2. When prompted, select “Buy with Apple Pay” as the payment method. This should automatically appear as a payment option as long as you have Apple Pay set up at the time of purchase. After Apple Pay launches, the pop-up will show your primary card in the Wallet. As in the steps above, you will be able to switch cards used for payment, if needed.
  3. Confirm the transaction using a double-tap followed by passcode, Face ID or Touch ID, if needed.
  4. Wait for the payment confirmation — you will see the word “Done” with a checkmark.

Are There Any Fees For Using Apple Pay At McDonald's?

From a general point of view, there are no fees involved when using Apple Pay at McDonald's in restaurants or in-app.

The only moment where you might pay fee is from your bank if you overdraw your account. If not, using Apple Pay is totally free.

If your order did not go through as you wish, you can request a refund on your Apple Pay payment just like any other payment method. But have in mind that it can take a few days for the refunded funds to appear in your account balance.

Also, you will first of all have to obtain McDonald's authorization for the reimbursement. Authorizations will only be granted to orders that they are aware of having gone wrong.

You must reach out to your financial institution if someone uses your digital wallet without your permission.

Is there a Limit For Using Apple Pay at McDonald's?

No, there is no limit when using Apple Pay at McDonald's.

McDonald's has no order limitations (but a location may decline a large, unexpected order owing to a lack of personnel, ingredients or patience).

Does McDonald's Take Google Pay?

Yes McDonald's takes Google Pay.

As per McDonald's, if you have registered a card to the Google Pay app on your Android, you can select Google Pay as a payment method in the McDonald's app.

Therefore, you can use Google Pay to order your cheeseburger directly from the McDonald's app.

Final Thoughts: How to Use Apple Pay At McDonald's

McDonald's corporation is an American international fast food corporation founded in the year 1940 as a restaurant in San Bernardino, California, by Richard and Maurice McDonald.

Apple Pay is a well known contactless payment system that lets customers pay for their meals with their iPhones or Apple Watches.

Does McDonald’s take Apple Pay? Yes, Apple Pay is an easy and convenient option that you can use to shop at nearly any store that accepts major credit and debit cards.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use Apple Pay at a McDonald's self-service kiosk?

To use Apple Pay at a McDonald's self-service kiosk, hold your iPhone close to the card reader of the device after placing your order. The kiosks work similarly to other self-checkout units, so you can use the same process detailed above to complete your order.

Can I use Apple Pay at a McDonald's drive-thru?

You can use Apple Pay when checking out at a McDonald's drive-thru. However, you may need to hand over your device to the cashier to physically reach the card reader and complete the payment.

Do all McDonald's restaurants near me accept Apple Pay?

All McDonald's restaurants in the United States accept Apple Pay on all online and in-person transactions.

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