Does Hobby Lobby Take Apple Pay?

Want to know if Hobby Lobby takes Apple Pay? then stay glued to this guide as I will show you what it takes to shop at Hobby Lobby with Apple Pay.
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Does Hobby Lobby Take Apple Pay

Hobby Lobby is a store that carries a ton of craft items, home goods and other products that crafters and creatives can purchase. Aside from the fact that they have several physical stores in most major locations, Hobby Lobby also has an online store.

If you are use to shopping a Hobby Lobby, I am sure that you might be wondering if you can use Apple Pay to pay for your purchases.

Since Apple Pay uses Cloud technology to transfer funds, not all stores have the equipment they need to accept it.

Well anytime you visit Hobby Lobby, ,you can pay with your Apple Pay which has a Tap Pay terminal.

It is necessary you have in mind that it is unpredictable until full support of this payment type is actually put in place.

Though they have their own app, Hobby Lobby accepts Apple Pay and they encourage their customers to make use of the app if they are going to take advantage of their preferred payment method.

With Hobby Lobby, consumers have as many payment options as possible, but Apple Pay is not accepted at all of its nearly 1,000 locations.

Want to know if Hobby Lobby takes Apple Pay? then stay glued to this guide as I will show you what it takes to shop at Hobby Lobby with Apple Pay.

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Should Apple Pay Be Used at Hobby Lobby?

Incase you want to pay via the Hobby Lobby app or you are going to place an order through their website, it can be a good idea to use Apple Pay. The advantage of this platform will apply to online purchases, though the service is in-person in stores.

With Apple Pay, paying for items online becomes much more easier and it worth using it on websites whenever you can.

Does Hobby Lobby Take Apple Pay?

Yes, Hobby Lobby accepts Apple Pay and they want to encourage their customers to use the app.

For this reason, they mostly accept the traditional forms of payment like cash, checks, and major credit and debit cards.

Though Hobby Lobby does not take Apple Pay, there is actually a way through which you can use Apple Pay at Hobby Lobby.

You can use ZIP in order to make purchases at Hobby Lobby with your Apple Pay account.

How Can Apple Pay Be Used At Hobby Lobby?

Before you can make purchases with Apple Pay, you have to set up your Apple Wallet for the first time. It is very simple since it can be done directly from your iPhone in less than a minute by entering your credit or debit card information.

As soon as you have already added the payment information, you can now use this payment system at Hobby Lobby.

If you find yourself not being able to use Apple Pay for payment at Hobby Lobby, you will need to link to ZIP account, and you can make payments in 4 equal installments spread over 6 weeks.

You can follow the steps below in order to get the feature integrated:

  • Download and install the ZIP application.
  • Open the application.
  • Navigate to the "Cards" tab.
  • Next, you have to click on "Get a Card".
  • Please read the terms and conditions and accept them.
  • Add your ZIP code to Apple Pay.

Once you have done this, you must go through the app before you can use Apple Pay at Hobby Lobby. In ZIP, you will need to search for the Hobby Lobby app and link by selecting "Pay with ZIP code" and you will be able to pay with ease.

How Much Does It Cost to Use ZIP?

Since ZIP generates a one-time debit card via Visa, you can have in mind that it cost a lot of money to use it. Well surprisingly, it is not the case.

ZIP charges a flat $1 fee each time you use it to make a transaction. You do not have to bother that the fee will rise as your cart becomes more expensive.

For this reason, ZIP is actually an easy and affordable way to use your Apple Pay account in various ways.

So anytime you find yourself in need of a one time debit card, then ZIP is a great solution for you.

Other Payment Alternatives At Hobby Lobby

If you are used to the FAQ section of Hobby Lobby's website then you must have seen that Hobby Lobby takes numerous other payment methods such as:

They accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express credit cards and Hobby Lobby gift cards both in the store and on their website.

In the store, you are able to pay with personal checks, and on the website, you can also pay with PayPal.

It is necessary you have in mind that some locations may have more support for various types of contactless payments. But it is always advisable to call and verify in advance if you are not use to the payment methods.

There is no need to verify in advance, if you pay with credit or cash since these standards methods will be accepted easily everywhere.

Final Thoughts

Hobby Lobby does not take Apple Pay in its traditional form.

However, you can use the Zip app to use Apple Pay to make purchases at the Hobby Lobby online store and in some physical stores.

Apple Pay offers many benefits and Hobby Lobby could stand to benefit if they ever decide to upgrade their equipment to accept it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Hobby Lobby store Take Apple Pay?

Despite having its own app, Hobby Lobby accepts Apple Pay and wants to encourage its customers to use the app if they're going to take advantage of their preferred payment methods.

What payments does Hobby Lobby accept?

We currently accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and Hobby Lobby gift cards in-store and online. We also accept PayPal online and personal checks in-store.

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