Where Can I Load My Chime Card For Free?

Where can I load My Chime Cars for Free? you can load your Chime card at various locations. Below is a guide on how to load your Chime Card for free.
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Load My Chime Card For Free

Chime is an online financial technology company that operates in the United States. The company offers to its customers, services which are similar to those offered by a bank, though it is not an actual bank.

You can obtain a checking account, usually called a Chime Spending account, a savings account, a credit card and a debit card.

If you are the type that wants to grow your credit scores for better loans, then the credit builder secured card should be a better option for you. But Where can I load my Chime Card for free?

In this guide, I will show you where you can recharge your card for free so as to use it for your transactions. As soon as you recharge your card, you will see the balance available in your Chime account.

The same as when you put money in your Chime account, you will be able to access it with your Chime debit card. This is because the Chime card is linked to your Spending account.

Before you can obtain a card, you first of all have to open a Chime account, and you can do all these online, since the platform is based purely online. Opening an account with Chime will require your Smartphone or Laptop and a stable internet connection.

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What is Chime Card?

Chime is not a credit card. Chime is a financial technology company that offers a secured credit card called Chime Credit Builder Visa® Credit Card2. Chime also offers a savings and checking account. Deposits are FDIC insured up to $250,000 through The Bancorp Bank or Stride Bank, N.A., Members FDIC.

Process to Get the Chime Card

As soon as you set up your account with the Chime platform, you can proceed to apply for the Chime Visa debit card. Chime allows you to request the card alongside your account application in most cases.

But you can request the card later in case you forgot to request it during the account opening process.

Given that the card application is mostly online, you can receive it at your physical address and then activate it before you can begin using it.

This card features the latest EMV chip technology to enforce its security. You are able to activate your Chime card through the Chime app - version 3.3 or later.

Once you have obtain your Chime card, you will have activate the card by moving into your account and locate a card widget at the top of your app that says  "Card Status" in the widget, locate a big green button in the widget that shows "Activate Card".

Another way to activate your Chime card is by asking the Chatbot "Activate My Card". You will often find the Chatbot at the top of the home screen. In case you come across any issue when activating your Chime card, you should contact the Chime Call Center at 1-844-244-6363.

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Where Can I Load My Chime Card?

Chime has many deposit partners, with more than 90,000 retail locations spread all over the world, with some of these retailers being quite popular as they include Walmart, Walgreens and CVS.

It is necessary you have in mind that you cannot load the Chime card at an ATM. So you will have to move to a specific location and have the deposit partners load the card themselves. From here now, you will be able to make use of the card at any other location that accepts card payments.

Also put in your mind that there are limits to loading your Chime card. Like for example, you can deposit up to $1,000 per day into your Chime account, which you can spend using the Chime card. You are allowed to make a maximum of 3 deposits within  24 hours.

This means that you have a loading limit of $10,000 per month.

Chime card

Chime has various deposit partners where you may load your account. These partners have several locations spread all around the world.

  • CVS
  • Family Dollar
  • Dollar General
  • Speedway
  • Walmart
  • Walgreens
  • Holiday Station Stores
  • Pilot Travel Centers
  • Circle K Stores
  • 7-Eleven
  • Duane Reade
  • Rite Aid
  • GPM Investments
  • Royal Farms
  • Kwik Trip Inc
  • Krause Gentle (Kum & Go)
  • Cumberland Farms Corp
  • Sheetz Incorp
  • TA Operating LLC (TravelCenters of America)

When you add money from the aforementioned businesses, you need to be aware that there may be transaction costs. Chime has no jurisdiction to determine the fees that shops may impose because they are free to run their own operations.

To choose where to go for your transaction, you can view the different costs that each merchant charges prior to visiting them.

You can carry out the process as shown below to check fees.

  • Open your Chime mobile app to sign in to your account.
  • Hit on the “Move Money” tab.
  • Select “Deposit Cash.”
  • On the window that opens next, you will get an option to “See Locations Near Me.”
  • You can then tap on it to show you the retailers in your area.
  • Also, you can see the transaction fees by tapping the “Info” icon next to the retailer’s name.

Can I Load My Chime Card For Free?

Yes! you can actually load your Chime Card for free and all you have to do is to approach the cashier and request that the money be deposited into your spending account. You are allowed to make up to 3 deposits in 24 hours.

Adding money to Chime card is quite an easy process and you can load your card in a variety of ways, like for example, you can ask your friend or family member who also uses Chime to send you money.

Another way to also load your Chime card is by sending money to your Chime card from your associated bank account.

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How to Load Your Chime Card - Step By Step Guide

Below are the different ways through which you can load your Chime card.

Direct Deposit

You will need your Chime routing number and account number if you want to deposit funds directly via employer or payroll provider. Immediately you receive your funds, Chime will deposit them into your Chime account.

Load Money Via Bank Transfer

Here comes the best method to add money to your Chime account, which is by making use of an external bank transfer. Transfer to Chime can be made through external banks' website or apps.

  1. Go to the website or app of your previous bank.
  2. Locate the Transfer option in the menu.
  3. You can enter your Chime routing and account number in the transfer screen and confirm the transaction.

Make Use of Mobile Check Deposits

Chime uses the records of all Chime branded accounts you control, as well as your direct deposit history, direct deposit amount, to decide whether you are eligible for mobile check deposits.

Chime members who have received at least one direct deposit of $1 or more from one of the following sources since June 1, 2021 are eligible for Mobile Check Deposit though one of these sources:

  • Payroll provider or employer
  • Gig economy payees can pay via an automated clearing house (ACH) transfer or a credit card (OCT)
  • Benefits from the state

Mobile check deposit will be enabled automatically in your Chime app 30 days after you receive your paycheck direct deposit.

A third party transfers money to your account when you deposit cash into your Chime Spending Account. The bank holding your account will be FDIC insured after it receives the money from the third party.


cvs pharmacy

Except for transaction cost and transfer time, loading your Chime card at any Chime deposit partner id virtually identical. Below is how to load your Chime Card at CVS.

  1. Locate a CVS store in your area to begin.
  2. If you’re not sure where the closest CVS is, use the store locator or the Google map.
  3. The application will also provide you with directions to the store.
  4. Go to any cashier and show them your Chime card.
  5. Then give them the money to put on your card.

The cost involved in loading your Chime card depend on the shop and the amount you are putting on your card.

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After entering any Walmart shop, asks the cashier to load the amount onto your Chime card at the Money Center counter or the customer service desk.

Each card load costs $3.74 or less at Walmart. Within 2 hours of depositing into your Chime card, the funds will appear in your account.


Between the hours of 8 a.m. and 10 p.m., Walgreens loads Chime Cards at roughly 9,000 stores. Customers can only make three deposits per 24 hours on their loaded cards. A $10,000 monthly deposit cap is also included. At Walgreens, prices could range between $3 and $10.

  1. With your Chime card in hand, go to any Walgreens location.
  2. Make direct contact with the cashier or the associate. Tell them you’d like to top up your Chime card with money.
  3. They may inquire about your phone number to determine whether or not you are a registered customer.
  4. Find out appropriate fee for loading money based on the search results.
  5. Give them your Chime card.
  6. Finally, the cashier will add money to your card as soon as possible using the card reading machine.

Third Party Retailers

When you load your card with Chime, you should be aware that third-party stores may charge you additional transaction fees. The sellers establish these costs, not Chime.

You may check the fee for each transaction before visiting a business. The procedure is as follows:

  1. Sign in to your account on your Chime mobile app.
  2. Select the Move Money option from the drop-down menu.
  3. Deposit Cash should appear on the screen.
  4. In the next box, you’ll see a button that says See Locations near Me. The available retailers in your area will be displayed if you tap on this.
  5. Tap the “info” symbol next to a retailer’s name to discover their transaction fees.

Is it Possible To Load Money onto My Chime Card at an ATM?

Well unfortunately, there is no way you can load money on to your Chime Card at an ATM.

As of February 2021, Chime does not support this capability. This service may be introduced in the future, but for now, you must make do with what you have.

Ways to Use A Chime Debit Card

You can make use of your Chime debit card in many ways.

1. Purchase Goods and Services

With the Chime debit card, you are able to buy good and services either online or at a physical store.

If you are making the purchase online, you can make use of the card number, the card's expiry dates, and the CVV. The system will then deduct the correspondent amount of money from your account.

Have in mind that it is important to only pay online at sites that you trust so as to prevent losing money from your account since some merchants can misuse your data.

You can also tap or swipe to pay at physical branches. This is the most used payment method since it lets you shop at physical locations.

2. Withdraw Money at an ATM

Given that the card is a debit card, you are able to  withdraw money from different ATMs. Even though you can withdraw money from Chime without a card when you transfer money to your bank account, the debit card remains very handy due to its convenience.

To withdraw money at an ATM point, you need to insert the card into the machine, enter your PIN, and choose the amount of money to withdraw.

You can withdraw money from over 60,000+ fee-free ATMs throughout the country. That makes the card very useful for your account.

Final Thoughts on Where Can I Load My Chime Card

Chime is an online financial technology company that operates in the United States. The company offers to its customers, services which are similar to those offered by a bank, though it is not an actual bank.

You can obtain a checking account, usually called a Chime Spending account, a savings account, a credit card and a debit card.

You can also use Chime’s debit card for a variety of transactions. Direct payments from your company, money sent into your account by others, connecting a bank to Chime, and depositing checks are all ways to add money to your Chime account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it true that Chime is a prepaid card?

Chime isn’t a prepaid card, so don’t get your hopes up. You get a Spending Account, a Visa debit card, and an optional Savings Account when you open an account with Chime online. A prepaid card, on the other hand, is not linked to a bank account and must be loaded with funds ahead of time.

What is the cost of adding money to a Chime card?

a $3.50-$4.95 loading fee will be charged and will be limited to loading their card three times in a rolling 24-hour period with a maximum deposit limit of $1,000 and a monthly deposit limit of $10,000.

How long does it take to top up a chime card with cash?

The originating bank normally initiates the transfer and the deposit is received within 3 working days. The money will be available the same day after they are applied to your Spending Account.

Is it possible to load Chime at Dollar General?

Your Cash App, NetSpend, Green Dot, and Chime Cards can be loaded at Dollar General. You must make your request to the Cashier, who will receive your cash; transactions can appear on your Card in as little as 10 minutes.

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