How To Cancel a Cash App Card [Complete Guide]

Want to know how to cancel Cash App cards? then stay glued to this guide as I will show you how to cancel cash app card in a few steps.
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Cancel a Cash App Card

Nowadays, Cash App features as one of the most popular mobile banking apps even though it is available in just 2 countries. One of the amazing features of this App is their Cash Card, which can be used almost anywhere Visa bank cards are accepted.

Though the Cash App card come with several amazing features, some individuals might want to cancel their Cash App card for one reason or the other.

Well there is no way to you can cancel the Cash App card through the App but you can put the card on hold for as long as you want without any fees. Cash Cards are free and do not incur any fees for issuing or keeping them.

Want to know how to cancel Cash App cards? then stay glued to this guide as I will show you how to cancel cash app card in a few steps.

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What is a Cash App Card?

A Cash App Card is a debit card issued by Sutton Banks, which is designed basically to be used with Cash App. Cash Card is designed to work like any other debit card stored in the Wallet App for use with Cash App. You are able to use the Cash App card for in-store and online purchases.

Just like your bank's debit card, the Cash App card is linked directly to your account. It is only available in the United States.

Cash App Card is nothing more than an extension of the Cash App account itself and acts simply as a debit card to your account.

Similar to any other debit card, you can only make use of the money available in your Cash App account since no credit is permitted.

Any transaction/purchase that you make on your Cash Card gets withdrawn from your Cash App balance.

Can You Cancel a Cash App Card?

The Cash Card is a card issued by Cash App to its users and it works exactly like any other debit card from a bank. This card is directly linked to your Cash App balance, which means that you can use the App without holding your phone in order to make payments anywhere card payments are accepted, most especially Visa debit cards.

Unfortunately, there is not a method to cancel your Cash App card directly from the App, since you will have to contact the Cash App support team to do that.

Nevertheless, you can still temporarily deactivate the Cash App card directly using the App. When you do this, your Cash App card will be on hold for as long as you keep it (until the expiration date of the card), without losing the ability to reactivate it any time you want.

How to Reach Cash App Support to Cancel the Card

If you are really decided on canceling the card, then contacting the support team is the best option you can take.

There are many ways via which you contact the Cash App team to see if you can cancel your Cash card and below is a quick look of all these methods.

1. Cancel Cash App Card Via the App

In order to cancel a Cash App Card through the App, you have to open the Cash App and tap on the "Profile" icon on the top left pf the home screen. When it opens, scroll all the way down and then tap "Cash App Support".

You will be prompt with several options but to contact them directly, choose "Something Else". Look for your issue from the list and choose "Contact Support" to be connected with the team.

2. Cancel Cash App Card Through Phone

If you want to call the team, you can contact them directly through the phone line, which is 1 (800) 969-1940.

3. Cancel Cash App Card Through the Website

You can use the website's navigation to find the support desk or click here to go there now. Then select Contact Support from the list at the bottom. Ensure that you first log in using your account.

How to Deactivate a Cash App Card

if you desire the ability to reactivate your card whenever you need to. Decide to use the deactivation approach.

This one may be done directly from your app without involving customer service. Here's how to accomplish it:

  1. Open your Cash App and tap the Cash Card icon. This one is found at the bottom left corner (second to last) of the home screen and has a card image on it. 
  2. Tap the “Lock Card” toggle button so that the toggle moves to the right and becomes red.

Now the card is locked and can’t be used for any purchases or payments until you unlock it. To do this, simply tap the “Lock Card” toggle button again so that the toggle returns back to normal.

How to Delete Linked Bank Cards on Cash App

In case you want to delete your linked bank cards instead of the Cash Card that is provided by Cash App, then you can do this through the App without any hassle or confirmations from the bank or the App.

Below are the steps to follow in order to delete the linked bank card on Cash App:

  1. Open the Cash App and hit the “Profile” icon on the top left of the home screen.
  2. Select the “Linked Banks” box, then look for the bank accounts that you want to unlink or remove, then hit the settings icon in the top right corner.
  3. Select the “Remove Bank” option
  4. You’ll be prompted with a PIN screen or a fingerprint ID lock screen. Confirm your choice by unlocking the screen.

How to Cancel a Cash App Account

May be you might want to delete your whole account and your personal information from the App. Before deleting your Cash App account, there are some things you need to do first.

Here is an article that compiles all requirements before you can cancel your Cash App account.

Once you have done all that need to be done, then you below are the steps involved in deleting your Cash App account:

  1. Open the Cash App and hit the “Profile” icon on the top left of the home screen.
  2. Choose “Support”, then tap “Something Else”
  3. Scroll down and hit “Account Settings”, then “Delete Your Personal Information”
  4. You’ll then contact support to get the job done.

Is it Safe to Leave Your Cash Card Activated When Not on Use?

Even if your main bank account is already linked to your Cash App account, you should be aware that Cash Cards are not connected to it, so if that's a concern for you, you shouldn't be concerned.

Since the Cash Card doesn't have any monthly or yearly fees like credit cards, keeping it active shouldn't be an issue as long as you can keep it safe and secure.

Final Thoughts: How to Cancel A Cash App Card Permanently

As you can see, you can’t permanently cancel your Cash App card through the app. Instead, you can only deactivate the card temporarily and then reactivate it whenever you like. Luckily, the Cash App card is free and doesn’t cost any fees to have it like credit cards.

Now that you know how to place your Cash App card on hold for any reason, you have a quick guide to follow.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when you close your Cash App account?

If your Cash App account is closed, you cannot send or receive money from friends or family via the Cash App account.

What does it mean when you disable your Cash App card?

You can Activate your Cash Card to make it work again, even though it is temporary. Users can still receive money or direct deposit even if their Cash App card is disabled. It won't stop pending payments in most cases.

How do I cancel my Cash App card?

Tap the Cash Card tab. Select Cash Card Support. Select Report your Cash Card.

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