Can You Use Zelle With Any Bank? (Yes, Here's How)

Zelle undoubtedly works with several banks in the United States. Find out if you can use Zelle with any bank.
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Use Zelle With Any Bank

With Zelle, transferring funds from one bank to another becomes possible in just a few minutes and due to its convenience, most users often doubt if it is possible to use Zelle with any bank in the U.S.

Zelle is widely used P2P payment service that lets users safely move money from one bank to another.

We can all agree on the fact that Zelle has helped in easing the transfer of funds between banks.

With Zelle, the long waits for the arrival of bank transfers in recipients' accounts is no more as money transferred via the app reflects in the recipient's account within minutes.

Getting started with Zelle is quite easy since all you need to do before sending money is to download the Zelle app, enroll with the app and add a bank account to debit card to it.

There are several individuals that even choose to use Zelle without bank account by simply linking a debit card to the app directly. This is most practical in a case where Zelle does not work with your bank.

If you feature among the curious individuals seeking to know if you can use Zelle with any bank, then stay glued to this article.

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How Does Zelle Work?

Zelle operates differently from other money transfer apps such as Venmo. Even though both Zelle and Venmo are based on the same transfer scheme (P2P), Zelle's transfers are made directly between banks.

Account numbers are basically required to initiate money transfers between banks, and these transfers can take up to several business days.

However, if you are using Zelle, then you can quickly move your money from one checking account to another without having to wait that much.

All you need in order to make a transfer is the recipients phone number or email address.

If the recipient if not yet enrolled with Zelle, then he/she will receive a text or mail from Zelle with a link to help them complete the signup process and then claim the funds.

If the recipient's bank works with Zelle, then the recipient just have to enroll for the service via their banks website or mobile app with an email address or phone number.

What Banks Use Zelle?

Zelle is owned by 7 major U.S banks and is well known among the best-known banks in the United Sates.

Almost all major banks works with Zelle, and most of them have the service built right into their mobile banking apps.

In order to send and receive money with Zelle, you must enter your debit card details, a phone number, or both.

As long as you have a Visa or Mastercard debit card, then you can download Zelle and send money with it easily.

Provided that your bank is already integrated with Zelle, you will be taken to its mobile app if you have it downloaded on your smart device.

On the Zelle's get-started page, you can see the complete list of banks that work with Zelle.

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Can You Use Zelle With Any Bank?

Yes, you can use Zelle with any bank as long as it is a registered U.S bank.

This means that even if Zelle is not compatible with your bank, you can use your debit card to link your bank indirectly to the Zelle app and then start transferring money via the Zelle app.

Any amount that you transfer through Zelle with your debit card will be debited from your checking account balance.

How Can You Use Zelle With Any Bank?

If your bank is a participating bank, then you can enroll with Zelle directly in your banking mobile app.

However if your bank is not a participating bank, you will have to link your debit card to Zelle in order to use Zelle with your bank.

Do not forget that the bank must first of all be a registered U.S bank.

Below are the steps to use Zelle with any bank:

  1. Download Zelle App from Google Play Store or App Store depending on your device.
  2. Enter your mobile number or email, and then select "Continue".
  3. Check the data and privacy box, then tap "Continue".
  4. If Zelle does not show your bank, tap "Don't see your bank?".
  5. Enter a Visa or Mastercard debit card on the "Add Debit Card" section and tap "Continue".
  6. Add your billing address on the next screen and then tap on "Continue".

Does Zelle Charge a Fee?

Aside from the amazing fact that Zelle has lightening transfers, Zelle also does not charge any fee for its services.

This actually stands as Zelle's main benefit over the competing money transfer apps.

You are able to transfer any amount within Zelle transfer limit without having to pay any fees.

It is good you have in mind that even though Zelle does not charge any fees for its transfers, your bank or credit union might charge a fee for transferring funds.

What is Zelle's Transfer Limit?

In case Zelle is not available via your bank, you are limited to sending $500 each week.

If your bank does offer Zelle, you might be allowed to transfer higher sums; get in touch with your bank to learn about their spending restrictions.

When it comes to receiving money with Zelle, there is no restriction on the amount that you can accept.

Is Zelle Safe?

Zelle can be seen as a safer alternative when it comes to handling cash and mailing bills or checks if you want to move money quickly.

Your money is always insured due to the fact that your funds never stays in a third-party location.

From the assumption that your bank already protects your personal financial information, the company also boast about its security.

I will advise you to practice using Zelle with people you know and trust. Also make sure you are entering the right details of the person you want to send money to.

If the recipient already has a Zelle account, the transfer will be finished in jut a few minutes and cannot be canceled once it has been sent because of how quickly Zelle transfers are excuted.

As s result of this, it is always good that you double check your transfers to ensure you do not make a mistake and send the money to another person.

Final Thoughts on Can You Use Zelle With Any Bank

With Zelle, transferring funds from one bank to another becomes possible in just a few minutes and due to its convenience, most users often doubt if it is possible to use Zelle with any bank in the U.S.

Zelle is widely used P2P payment service that lets users safely move money from one bank to another.

This article compiles the steps it takes to use Zelle with any bank so hope you found it helpful.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Zelle if my bank doesn't have it?

Yes, you can still use it! Simply download the Zelle® app in the App Store or Google Play and enroll an eligible Visa® or Mastercard® debit card. After you enroll, you can send and receive money with confidence to almost anyone you trust.

What bank works with Zelle?

Beacon Financial Credit Union. BECU. Bedford Federal Savings Bank. Beehive Federal Credit Union. Bell Bank. Bellco. Belmont Bank & Trust. Belmont Savings Bank.

Can I use Zelle with Cash App?

You cannot directly transfer money between Cash App and Zelle. However, you can transfer money between your bank account linked to Zelle and your Cash App account if you link that bank account to Cash App.

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