Can You Use Zelle With a Credit Card?

Actually, you cannot use Zelle with a Credit Card and in this article, I will tell you why.
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Use Zelle With a Credit Card

Anytime you are looking for a way to transfer money between banks, Zelle should be one of the best options you can consider. Some Zelle users often ask themselves if there is a way they can use Zelle with a credit card?.

Zelle is a well known P2P payment service that allows users send and receive payments via their banks.

The best Zelle features which attracts millions of individuals to the platform is that its money transfer services are fee free, which means you do not get charge anything for transferring funds via Zelle. However, your bank can charge you with a certain fee with respect to their banking regulations.

Even though Zelle comes with several advantages, it still has some set backs.

Zelle mostly works with only U.S banks, credit Unions and debit cards and this is the main reason why some Zelle users seek to know if there is way to use Zelle with a Credit Card.

In case you are one of these users, then you should keep reading.

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What is Zelle?

Zelle is a widely used payment app that lets you quickly and simply transfer money from one bank to another in all security.

Transactions carried out in the Zelle platform normally takes just a few minutes, and there are no fees for sending or receiving payments.

In the year 2021, about 3,000 financial institutions joined the Zelle network, and its users sent a whooping $490 billion across 1.8 billion transactions.

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How Does Zelle Work?

In order to speed up transfers between U.S bank accounts, Zelle makes use of Automated Clearing House (ACH) payment system.

If you launch an ACH transfer from your bank to a relative, the transfer might take as long as three days to complete but with Zelle, your money will arrive quickly.

Can You Use Zelle With a Credit Card?

No, Zelle works with debit cards but not credit cards. This means that you cannot use Zelle with a credit card.

The main pupose of Zelle is the transfer of funds between banks and debit cards are most at times linked to a bank account, but this is not the case with credit cards. This is actually the key reason why Zelle accepts debit cards.

Credit cards do not need to be linked to a bank account before they can work. Also credit card are often used to obtain cash advances and Zelle does not support cash advance transfers.

More to that, transferring cash advance from a credit card is not often allowed by most issuers.

If you are keen on using Zelle with a bank card, then I will recommend you get a debit card and link to the Zelle app then you can start transferring money in all convenience.

How to Set Up Zelle

There are two options available for using Zelle and this is either via your Financial institution or directly via Zelle.

How to Set Up Zelle Via Your Financial Institution

Via the Website or mobile app of your bank, you are able to access Zelle. Once you are logged in, you need to follow the instructions to add your account to Zelle.

You are still able to enroll via Zelle's own app using your banking username and password, with respect to your bank.

How to Set Up Zelle Directly

In case your bank does not support payments via its mobile app if your bank does not support payments via the service.

Create a new username and password by downloading the Zelle app and then you follow the on-screen instructions.

Do not worry cause you will not have to enter any private banking information.

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How to Send Money With Zelle

Once your account is fully set up, you can follow the steps below in order to start sending money with Zelle.

1. Decide Who to Pay

When it comes to Zelle, sending money to friends and family members or other people you know and trust works best with Zelle.

Like for example, you can use Zelle to send a friend $89 if you want to settle one of the debts you owe them.

2. Enter the Recipient's Email Address or Phone Number

Anyone having a bank or credit union account in the United States can receive money Zelle users. All the details that you need is the U.S cell phone number or email address linked to their Zelle account.

3. Decide How Much to Send

Zelle will ask you how much you want to send, it is left for you now to enter an amount that you know is within your weekly send allowance.

4. Send the Money

Once you click on "Send", your payment will be sent.

The person you are sending money to will receive the money in their bank account in just some few minutes.

If they have not yet enrolled with Zelle, they will receive a text or email telling them how to claim the money.

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How to Receive Money From Zelle

In order to receive money from Zelle, all you need is a Zelle account and we all know how easy it is to set up a Zelle account.

Incase you already have an account with your bank or credit union then you are good to go.

All the funds which will be transferred to you via Zelle will be automatically deposited into the bank account that you have linked.

If you are new in Zelle, then your first payment might take up to three days before it arrives but future payments will show up in your bank account right away.

What Are Zelle Transfer Limits?

The limits on how much you can transfer via Zelle is often set by your bank or credit union.

Below are some transfer limits set by some banks that use Zelle.

  • Bank of America customers have a maximum Zelle transfer limit of $3,500 per day.
  • Customers of Wells Faro have a daily Zelle transfer limit of $3,500 and it may set a lower limit for new customers.
  • As for Chase personal checking account customers, they can send up to $2,000 in a single Zelle transaction and up to $2,000 per day. Higher transfer limits are made available for Chase "Private client banking customers and business checking account holders.

In a case where Zelle does work with your bank account, then you can $500 per week.

How to Cancel a Zelle Payment

The only way you can cancel a Zelle payment is if the receiver has not yet enrolled with Zelle because Zelle payments are instant and cannot be reversed if the receiver is a registered user.

In order to see if a payment can be canceled, sign in to Zelle using the app or the bank's website. From here, you move to the account's activity page.

Once you have selected the transaction you want to stop, choose "Cancel this payment".

Is Zelle Safe?

Zelle can be seen as a safer alternative when it comes to handling cash and mailing bills or checks if you want to move money quickly.

Your money is always insured due to the fact that your funds never stays in a third-party location.

From the assumption that your bank already protects your personal financial information, the company also boast about its security.

I will advise you to practice using Zelle with people you know and trust. Also make sure you are entering the right details of the person you want to send money to.

If the recipient already has a Zelle account, the transfer will be finished in jut a few minutes and cannot be canceled once it has been sent because of how quickly Zelle transfers are excuted.

As s result of this, it is always good that you double check your transfers to ensure you do not make a mistake and send the money to another person.

Final Thoughts: Can You Use Zelle With a Credit Card

Zelle is a well known P2P payment service that allows users send and receive payments via their banks.

Zelle can be seen as a safer alternative when it comes to handling cash and mailing bills or checks if you want to move money quickly.

However, you cannot use Zelle with a credit card since it does not have a direct link with a bank account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can t Zelle use credit card?

Zelle cannot use a credit card due to the fact that credit card are not directly linked to a bank account and are most often used of cash advances.

Can you use Zelle with Bank of America credit card?

You can use Zelle directly with Bank of America but not with its credit card.

Can you use Zelle with Cash App?

You cannot directly transfer money between Cash App and Zelle. However, you can transfer money between your bank account linked to Zelle and your Cash App account if you link that bank account to Cash App.

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