How To Transfer Money From Emerald Card To My Bank Account

Yes, you are able to transfer money from Emerald card to your bank account by downloading a transfer request form from the H&R Block bank website.
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Transfer Money From Emerald Card To My Bank Account

In today's world, Money transfer has fast grown to become a vital financial activity since it allows individuals to move funds from one account to another and also transferring money from all corners of the world. Emerald card is a type of prepaid card that allows you to send money to others, pay for goods and services or even pay you bills.

Nevertheless, for more flexibility of funds, the card holders are looking for how to transfer money from Emerald card to their bank accounts.

Emerald card which is s type of prepaid card, is being offered by the US-based tax preparation business H&R block. User who file their taxes with H&R Block get their refunds deposited into their account and this may be accessed using the Emerald card.

Transferring money from Emerald card to bank account is a quite easy and straight forward process but if you might this a little bit complicated if you are not yet used to such transactions.

Want to transfer Money from Emerald Card to Bank Account? then you have found the right guide as I will show you how to so in a few steps.

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What is Emerald Card?

Prepaid debit cards like Emerald work just like regular debit cards. You can transfer money to a bank account, pay bills, buy things online, and send money to other people. To save money for later use or conduct other types of activities in your bank account, you must have a prepaid card that enables money transfers to your account.

The Emerald card is provided by MetaBank for use in tax refund-related deposits. You may use it at ATMs that accept MasterCard cards to access your money because it is a MasterCard. It carries FDIC insurance because it was issued by a bank.

The FDIC insurance makes sure that you won't lose your money if the financial institution in question fails. Every bank is required by law to guarantee any account that is open with them.

With the MyBlock app, you are able to manage your account online with an Emerald card and this allows you to quickly access your money so that you can finish up transactions in a few clicks.

How Do I Apply for an Emerald Card?

The Application process for an Emerald card is simple and you are able to complete it even online. If you want to follow the application process online, then keep in mind that you will need the following documents:

  • Social Security Number,
  • Personal contact information, and
  • Last year’s tax refund amount

As for the personal details, your phone number, postal address and email address will do the necessary. You can be able to access an advance of $350 to $1000 with respect to your credit score. To apply for the card, you need to be over 18 years of age and above.

Following the debit card application, you must wait for delivery to your physical address. When you get it, call the Emerald Card hotline at 1-866-353-1266 to activate it. Additionally, in order to manage your money through the MyBlock mobile app, you must create an online account.

Can I Transfer Money from Emerald Card to My Bank Account?

Yes, you are able to transfer money from Emerald card to your bank account by downloading a transfer request form from the H&R Block bank website, filling it and then submitting it to H&R Block bank for processing.

Also you have the possibility of making up to $3000 in daily ATM withdrawals and subsequent bank deposits.

You get the quickest access to your money and can execute transactions using the Emerald card. Even while it makes transactions simpler, it works best for tax refunds and paying IRS debts.

How to Transfer Money from Emerald Card to Bank Account

You are able to transfer Money from Emerald card to your bank account but have in mind that when you apply, you have to link your card to a bank account and you typically make use of this checking account for day-to-day transactions.

In order to link your bank account to your Emerald prepaid Mastercard, you have to go to the add bank option and then enter the account and routing numbers for your bank. From here now you will be able to transfer money to the account whenever you need to.

If you have not done this, you can still link them at a later date by following these simple steps:

  • In the MyBlock app, go to the section where you deal with transactions.
  • Here, there is the option to add bank details.
  • Next, you are prompted to add your bank account details, including the name of the account holder, the routing number and the account number. 

Follow the steps below to submit a transfer request form that will help you transfer money from Emerald card to bank account;

  1. Download the transfer request form from the H&B Block website to get started.
  2. You must now complete the form. You'll need your identifying information, including your SSN, phone number, and Emerald card number.
  3. Follow and complete all the instructions on the form.
  4. Once you're done with the form, mail it to H&B Block.
  5. They will call and verify once they receive the form and then send your money to you preferred bank account

How to Withdraw Money from Emerald Card

Withdrawing money from Emerald card is an easy process and can be done in many ways as follows;

1. Withdraw Via ATM

Emerald Prepaid Mastercard transactions is accepted by every bank that displays the Maestro, Mastercard or Cirrus brand marks. When the need for money arises, it is possible for you to access money at an ATM location but have in mind that some ATMs may charge $3 withdrawal fee.

2. Withdraw to a Bank Account

Withdrawing money from Emerald card to a bank account gives you more flexibility over your funds but before being able to do this, you will have to link your bank account to the Emerald card and then submit a transfer request.

3. Cashback at A Store

You can receive cash back upon using the card at any qualifying store. The POS may charge you some fees for the transaction.

4. Over the Counter

You can make use of your card to withdraw money from any financial institution that accepts the card since they will allow you to do so but have in your mind that you will have to pay a transaction fee of $35 though you can save up to $32 by simply making use of an ATM for your withdrawals.

5. Request Check or One Time ACH

In case you require withdrawing large amounts of money that cannot be withdrawn at ATMs, you can demand the card service provider for a check to cash out at a bank.

By requesting a one - time ACH, the business guarantees that funds will be transferred from your card account to a bank account.

Emerald Card Account and Routing Numbers

The Routing number for all Emerald card users is the same. You can share your account information and routing number  for direct deposits and it is necessary you do that only with reputable businesses and people you can trust.

Your account and Routing number which is used to buy goods and services and also order check online can be used fraudulently by other persons when they get hold of them.

If you want to view your account and Routing number, you must sign in to your Emerald online. Another way that can help you get your Routing number is by contacting the Customer Service.

To instantly send money to someone using a checking account, all you need is their name and account number. You can tell if an account is legitimate by looking at the name.

Why is the Emerald Card Necessary?

If you are one of the people that want to apply for H&R Block tax refund advance loans, the card is of great help. The corporation makes this tax available every year at the start of tax season but before applying, you must first of all have an Emerald prepaid Mastercard. You cannot obtain this loan with a check or direct deposit.

H&R Block offers loans in five loan amounts which are $250, $500, $750, $1,250 and $3,500. The biggest advantage of H&R Block is that they attract a 0% APR on the loans. 

It is no doubt that several lenders often add interest to the loans that they offer. Some lenders even charge extremely high interest rates due to the fact that they are so greedy therefore draining the borrower's funds.

However, you must file your taxes via H&R Block and pay the necessary fees to qualify for the advance loans.

The Emerald card contains a variety of fees when used as a regular debit card, despite being so significant. Each withdrawal from an ATM costs $3.00, and each decline or balance check costs $1.50. The company that provides ATM services has the right to charge you extra fees.

Is My Money Safe in the Emerald Card?

Due to FDIC insurance, your funds are secure at Emerald Card. Therefore, even if the company fails, you will still get your money back. Money up to $250,000 per account is insured by the FDIC.

You are still able to keep your money if the firm goes down. Your funds are held by MetaBank on your card, and as the bank is FDIC-insured, your funds are secure from any unforeseen circumstances.

More to that, since the card has a PIN, this makes it difficult for someone to still it by using an ATM withdrawal. As soon as you receive the card, you have to verify the card PIN.

Due to the fact that individuals can use card information to make online purchases of products and services, you should not unveil it to anyone.

If your card issuer detects some kind of fraud in your account, they may restrict your card so that no one can withdraw money from it. You will see the display “Account restricted” when you try to withdraw at an ATM.

However, this is just a short term problem created so as to prevent you from losing your money. It is not only Emerald that does so, but other financial institutions such as credit unions, bank accounts, and mobile wallets usually impose such restrictions.

Final Thoughts On How to Transfer Money from Emerald Card to My Bank Account

Prepaid debit cards like Emerald work just like regular debit cards. You can transfer money to a bank account, pay bills, buy things online, and send money to other people. To save money for later use or conduct other types of activities in your bank account, you must have a prepaid card that enables money transfers to your account.

The Metabank that issues the Emerald card has FDIC insurance. Your money is therefore secure in the account. You can get advances from H&R Block with this prepaid debit card. The card can be used to make purchases both online and in-person, transfer funds to a bank account, and make ATM withdrawals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Emerald Debit Card Expire?

The card has a similar expiration date as other debit cards. You must order a new one after it expires because you can no longer use the old one. It is always advisable for you to order to new one before the old one expires

Can I transfer money from Emerald card to PayPal?

Yes, you can transfer money from Emerald card to PayPal by linking your card to your PayPal account and then making the transfer.

Can I transfer money from Emerald card to Cash App?

Unfortunately, you cannot. However, Cash App allows users add supported prepaid cards to Cash App account and use to transfer money on Cash App.

For bank-to-bank transfers, Zelle won because of its quick access and wide availability at most banks and credit unions.

What app can i use to transfer money from one debit card to another?

Can I transfer money from Emerald card to Venmo?

No. Venmo does not support transfers from prepaid cards such as Emerald card to Venmo accounts.

Can I transfer money from Emerald card to Chime?

No, There is no way for you to transfer money from Emerald card to Chime.

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