How to Transfer Amazon Gift Card Balance to Bank Account

So want to transfer money from Amazon Gift Card Balance to Bank Account? then stay glued to this article as I will show how to do so easily.
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Transfer Amazon Gift Card Balance to Bank Account

Whether You have heard if a gift card or decided to give one, there are several things that you can do with an Amazon gift card and today in this article, I will show you the various types of gift cards that exist alongside how to transfer Amazon gift card Balance to Bank Account.

Cases may sometimes arise where you need money in cash rather than electronic money and the only way out for you is to transfer the funds to a bank account since money in a bank account is helpful for numerous kinds of transactions. Once the money is already in your bank account, you can pay your bills with it, withdraw over the counter to get cash or transfer to a savings account.

Also, it is of no doubt that funds in a bank account is safer so it helps avoiding you from moving you around with huge sums of money or money in a form that every other person can use in case they find them.

So want to transfer money from Amazon Gift Card Balance to Bank Account? then stay glued to this article as I will show how to do so easily.

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What is a Gift Card?

A gift card is a payment card that allows you to load money for use at specific shops. There are those that you can use at any location accepting gift cards. You can give your loved one a gift card loaded with money for shopping instead of giving them cash. There are various places you can buy them, and Amazon is among them. This article will show you how to transfer an Amazon gift card balance to a bank account.

While most gift cards are only helpful once, some are reloadable so that you add money to the card account instead of buying a new one. That means the user must keep the card with them, and you only need to tell them to dust their cards for use once you recharge. Reloadable ones are good for school-going children as they can do their shopping conveniently.

Advantages of Choosing Amazon Gift Cards

There exist several reasons why one should consider them. They include the following.

  • They never expire. 
  • There are multiple gift card designs plus denominations to choose from.
  • They have no fees.
  • Redeemable towards millions of goods at or particular affiliated websites.

How Many Types of Gift Cards Can You Buy?

Amazon has up to 3 types of Gift cards and they include:

  • eGift Cards
  • Physical gift Cards
  • Print at Home gift Card

1. eGift Cards

With this type of Amazon gift card, you are able to get the card details that you send by phone or email to the beneficiary and then they can now make use of those details to purchase goods and services online at various platforms that accept the cards. You will find several denominations of gift cards at Amazon so it is left for you to choose the one that suits you best.

As denominations here, you will find $25, $50, $75, and $100 but incase your amount is not found in this denomination, you can still enter a different amount that you would like to use to buy your card and then you are ready to go. You are also given the chance to select the design of your card which can be animated or standard.

How to Buy an eGift Cards

You can follow the steps below in order to buy an eGift cards:

  1. Go to Amazon eGift cards page online.
  2. Choose your design. If you choose the animated ones, you can include something like “Merry Christmas,” “Happy New Year,” “Happy Holidays,” and so on.
  3. Next, enter the card details. Here, you choose from the available denominations or enter a different amount.
  4. Choose your delivery method. It can be through text message or email address.
  5. Enter your name on the “From” field.
  6. After that, enter a message. You can write to wish the recipients a Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, etc.
  7. Enter quantity. i.e the number of copies you would like to generate.
  8. Write the delivery date. Amazon allows you a delivery period of up to one year. So if you want to reward someone for Next year’s Easter holidays, you can even buy one now, and Amazon will send them the day you choose.

Once the beneficiary receives the card, they can then make use of it for their various transactions. It is necessary you note that they are not refundable after buying except required by the law.

2. Print at Home Gift Cards

The print-at-home ones allow you to either get the standardized one or put your picture, and there are various designs you can choose from.

How to Buy a Print at Home Gift Card

If you want to purchase a Print at Home Gift card, you can follow the steps below:

  • Visit the Amazon Print at home gift cards page.
  • Choose your design.
  • Enter the details. Here, you can enter the amount or choose from the various denominations such as $25, $50, $75, and $100.
  • Enter your preferred message
  • Enter quantity, i.e., the number of cards you would like to purchase.

3. Physical Gift Cards

These can be touched because they are made of plastic. You choose the recipient's address after making your choice from the available denominations. You have a variety of design options.

You can buy a card after making the appropriate choice and personalize it with your message. The card is placed in a box and readied for delivery to the specified address.

The ones in tangible form have no time limit. Additionally, they don't charge anything at all. On the gift cards, the sum could be printed. Additionally, you get free one-day shipping.

Where Can You Use an Amazon Gift Card?

You are able to make use of your Amazon gift card to buy goods at either store or at any other website that is affiliated with Amazon. These include,,,,,,,,, or

Can You Transfer Amazon Gift Card Balance to Bank Account?

Am sure that you already know how to transfer money from a prepaid card to bank account but are you able to transfer Amazon gift card balance to bank account? Yes, you can transfer money from Amazon gift card to bank account.

How to Transfer Amazon Gift Card Balance to Bank Account

Depending on who you purchase a gift card from, you may be able to transfer it to a bank account. Thankfully, you can do so with an Amazon gift card. You can follow the steps below in order to transfer money from Amazon Gift Card to Bank account:

  • Go to Amazon Pay.
  • Tap Shoppers, and sign in using your Amazon details.
  • Click Withdraw Funds.
  • Select a bank account.
  • Enter the amount to move to your bank account.
  • Tap Continue to complete the process.

There are several reasons, as I just indicated, why you would want to move your amount to a bank account. Either you want to keep the money since you don't need it right away, or you want to use your bank account to make payments.

Are Amazon Gift Card Safe to Use?

The cards are safe to use due to the fact that they have been adequately secured like for instance, you need a claim code in order to redeem the card. Incase you a card and want to redeem it, you can follow the process below:

  • Find the claim code.
  • Navigate to Redeem a Gift Card.
  • Enter your claim code and hit Apply to Your Balance.

Can You Exchange Amazon Gift Cards for Cash?

Yes you are able to convert Amazon gift card and any other to cash. As options, you can follow the ways below.

On the internet, sell it. You must pay certain fees to swap them for cash on a number of websites. After they process the card you send them, you get paid to your bank account or debit card. In our example, moving money from a gift card to a debit card, that is one technique to indirectly transfer money from one card to another.

Sell it to another person. Selling your gift card to someone else will enable you to immediately obtain cash. Once they have the card, they hand you the money.

Sell at exchange kiosks. You can convert your gift cards for cash at a fee when you sell them at exchange kiosks. The kiosks are usually in supermarkets and shopping malls.

The steps below will help you during the exchange process:

  • Check the balance
  • Take the card to a Gift Card Exchange kiosk
  • Enter the card details into the system
  • Review the cashback offer and choose whether to accept it or not
  • Print the voucher
  • Take your voucher to the cashier and get paid.

Can Amazon Gift Card be Used in Stores?

Only Amazon products and services are eligible for use with Amazon gift cards. These include Kindle, Amazon Fresh, Amazon Marketplace, and Amazon Prime.

When it comes to buying gift cards, Amazon is a leader. They give users the option of doing more than just depositing money into a bank account. However, they also offer practical gift cards in a variety of formats.

There are still options available even if you are unable to deposit the money from the gift card into a bank account. You may, for instance, exchange them at kiosks for other gift cards or sell them if you need cash right now.

Final Thoughts On How to Transfer Amazon Gift Card Balance to Bank Account

Gift cards are payment cards that you can load and give to someone else so they can use them. One of the many businesses that sells gift cards is Amazon. Purchase eGift cards, physical gift cards, or ones that you can print at home.

E-gift cards can be purchased and sent quickly. Selling gift cards to other people, exchanging at gift card exchange kiosks, or selling them on other websites are all ways to turn gift cards into cash.

Frequently Asked Questions on How to Transfer Amazon Gift Card Balance to Bank Account

Do Amazon gift cards expire?

Amazon Gift Cards never expire. They are only valid for purchasing eligible products on or certain associated websites. Gift Cards cannot be exchanged for the purchase of different cards.

Can I use an Amazon gift card anywhere?

Cash is available in your local currency anywhere you can find Amazon Cash participating stores and then shop with the currency you have on your local Amazon website. For instance, US customers can only utilize Amazon Cash within US stores, pay US dollars, and shop through

Can I cash out Amazon gift card balance?

Although you can use them to buy anything on Amazon, maybe you would rather cash out your Amazon gift card. Unfortunately, Amazon doesn't allow shoppers to exchange gift cards for cash. You can't even use them to buy other gift cards (i.e., Starbucks, Visa, Apple) or service subscriptions.

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