Money Transfer Apps That Accept American Express

Money transfer apps have become very popular nowadays. This article compiles detailed outline on Money transfer Apps that accept American Express.
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Money Transfer Apps That Accept American Express

Money transfer apps allow you to exchange funds with other users. There are several of them which let you send and receive funds internationally. Money transfer apps save you the problem of depending on banks and credit unions. Also with money transfer apps, you do no longer have to need to make use of checks to transfer money.

American Express is a payment card company that issues prepaid card with no fees or credit history. Prepaid cards work in a similar way to debit cards though they do not necessarily link to a bank account.

Debit, credit, and prepaid cards are also jointly produced by banks and other financial institutions. In a nutshell, the business supplies a network for running the cards on top of it and serves as a payment processor.

It is necessary you have in mind that American Express is not a bank but simply a payment card company. But with this payment card, you will still have the experience that you get with banks. American Express allows you to spend and save funds using their cards. You can also use the card as a debit card since you can withdraw money anytime you feel like and make use of it for your transaction activities.

Want to know the money transfer apps that accept American Express Serve? then stay glued to this article as I will show you some of the top ten best money transfer apps that accept American Express.

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What is American Express Serve?

The American Express Serve® card is a reloadable prepaid debit card that functions similarly to a basic debit card tied to a checking account at a traditional bank. A prepaid debit card is an account that allows you to spend only the amount of money that you have loaded into the account in advance.

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How Do I Open a Money Transfer App Account?

From a general point of view, you are able to open an account with any money transfer app online using an internet connection. All you have to do is to download the application associated with the platform and then fill in the necessary details.

With mobile money apps, you will require an email address, phone number, bank or debit card, and a physical address. Do not forget that the phone number or email that you will make use of has to be active and the same applies to an email address.

Debit cards are available through our mobile money apps, and you can ask for one when opening an account. To access your balance, for instance, Cash App provides a debit card called Cash Card. You can use your debit card balance both online and in physical stores.

How to Use a Mobile Money App

You can make use of a mobile money app in many ways and they include the following:

1. Send Money

Sending money to other platform users having an active or email address is easy with online money transfer apps. Like for example, an app such as Cash App has a $Cashtag username to send you funds. Amercan Express has apps that you can make use of to to send money to others. You can Cashout American Gift card easily and use it to fund some other transactions easily.

2. Save Money

Just like a bank account, you can save money with some money apps and use it in the future. Like for example the Netspend prepaid card account allows you to keep some money inside.

3. Trade

You can easily buy stocks and cryptocurrencies using money apps. For example, Cash App allows you to buy and sell Bitcoin. Skrill, a mobile money app, allows you to buy and sell various cryptos as well.

4. Buy Goods and Services

Buying goods and services is quite easy using mobile money apps such as PayPal, Payoneer, Venmo and many others. Before making these payments, you have to be given the business' username, phone number, or email address. Some payment apps such as cash App and Venmo offer users with debit cards which you can use to shop both online and in physical stores.

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5. Withdraw Funds

When you join a mobile money app, you can withdraw money to a bank account. Additionally, you can use a debit card connected to an app to make cash withdrawals from an ATM.

What are the Best Money Transfer Apps That Accept American Express Serve

Above was just a brief introduction about what money apps are all about so let us get down to our main aim of this article which is about Money transfer apps that accept American Express. There are numerous apps that depend on an American Express card to fund its transactions and they include the following:

1. PayPal

PayPal is one of the most popular online money transfer service nowadays and it works with many other financial institutions and America Express is one of them. You can access PayPal online either via their website or via their app.

It is an international platform that works with more than 200 nations. An email address, phone number, bank account or debit card, and a valid form of identification are required in order to register with PayPal.

Now that you know that PayPal is actually the money transfer app that accepts American Express, you can follow the well outlined steps in this article if you want to setup a PayPal account.

2. Venmo

Since Venmo is a product of PayPal, it should be no surprise to see that the app also supports AmEx cards but the exception here is that you can use Venmo only in the United states as it does not allow international transfers.

In order to open a Venmo account, you need to provide your phone number, email, bank account or debit card and your ID Card. Venmo also has a debit card which you can make use of to spend the money available in your Venmo account.

If you do not yet have a Venmo account and desire to have one, you can follow this article in order to setup your Venmo account for free.

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3. Skrill

Skrill functions similarly to PayPal and Venmo in that you can add bank accounts and debit cards to fund your transactions. In order to pay for any money usage, you can add an American Express debit, prepaid, or credit card. You must register with Skrill and download the app from the applicable website. For your knowledge, Skrill enables the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies.

4. Payoneer

Payoneer allows you to receive payments from AmEx cards to your account easily. You only need to add the cards to your Payoneer account, and you are good to go. Payoneer works like PayPal, whereby you can pay online and withdraw money to a bank account. You can register for an account online if you have an identity document, email, and phone number.

5. Cash App

Major service providers' payment cards are supported by Cash App. As a result, it also accepts Mastercard, Visa, and Discover in addition to American Express cards. A Cash App account can be created online or through an application. Sadly, Cash App is only available in the US and the UK.

If you live in the UK or United States and do not yet have a Cash App account, follow these steps in order to open a Cash App account for free.

6. InstaRem

This is one of the money transfer apps that works with an American Express card. It is functional in more than 60 countries all over the globe.

Getting started with this money transfer app is quite simple since all you have to do is download the app on your mobile or PC, Signup for an account, Add your AMEX card to upload the transferable money and you can now transfer the recipient's Instarem account or bank account.

Fees for this money transfer app is 2.1% for international money transfer and ranges between 0.25% - 1% within the same country. It is necessary you have in mind that fees can some times go as high as 4% depending on the receiver's country.

7. RIA Money Transfer

Once you have downloaded the RIA app, integrating your AMEX card to it becomes very simple. The app's name is actually "Hello Ria" and as a new user, you will not be charged for your first money transfer provided that it is more than $50 you are sending.

From my experience having several times received money via RIA Money transfer, sent by my uncle in the United States, you get a little lower exchange rate when they sent you money from the U.S, UK or Canada.

8. Paysend

Paysend is actually a UK-based business with a whooping operation in 130 countries all over the globe and as days goes by, this app's popularity keeps on rising. You will encounter a fee when sending money from your Amex card in Paysend. The fee is set at 2% for transfers below $200 and 1% for transfers above $200.

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9. MoneyGram

MoneyGram is a Texas-based financial business which has been operating for several years now and having a huge network that covers more than 200 countries in the world - from Asia to Africa.

Sending and American Express payment to an individual's bank account in the United States would cost you $1.99. It might be surprising to hear that they won't charge you anything for international money transfers but as per user experience, they give a lower exchange rate.

Transferring money using MoneyGram takes time and can some time take close to 4 business days to transfer the money from one country to another. Transfers in the same country most often takes about 4 hours to complete.

10. Transfast

Many individuals do not yet know about this money transfer app since it is still new in the market as compare to the other apps on this list. This money transfer app accepts American Express and provides its customers with two types of facilities; regular and fast track.

The charge involved for a regular money transfer service is Zero but it takes 3-4 business days while the fast-track service lets you transfer money within 24 hours and charges you $4.99.

Advantages of Using Money Transfer Apps That Accept American Express

  1. You can send money even if you do not have money at hand or in the bank.
  2. It is cost effective, since it requires little or no fees.
  3. The facility is literally at your fingertips.
  4. The related process is convenient and secured.

Which Cards Does American Express Offer?

American Express issues prepaid cards called Serve. They include the following.

  • American Express Serve®
  • American Express Serve® FREE Reloads
  • American Express Serve® Cash Back

All the cards are reloadable using a check or bank account at reloading locations. The American Express card is one the best of all the cards because it has no annual fees, requires no credit, and is free to use on most occasions. Unfortunately, it has no introduction bonus and attracts a 2.7% after conversion to US dollars.

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How to Add Money to a Mobile Money App

There are numerous ways that allows you to add money to you Money transfer app and some of them are listed below:

1. Use a Bank Account, Debit, Prepaid or Credit Card

This is one of the most common and usual ways to top up your money transfer app as most of the available money apps require you to add a bank account or payment card for your transactions.

Most apps don't charge you to use your bank account or debit card. However, using a credit card involves paying some fees. For instance, Venmo levies a 3 percent fee when credit cards are used to pay transactions.

2. Receive From Others

You can share your details with others for them to send you money. By the way, the ability to receive funds from others allows you to use a mobile money app without a bank account. The only problem is that the transaction limits are low.

3. Check Deposit

Check deposit are also accepted in most of the mobile money apps, therefore you must not visit a bank to deposit money. You can make a check deposit from home by simply signing the back of the check, then taking pictures of it using the camera link on your app and then upload them for processing.

4. Direct Deposit

You do not need a bank account to receive your government benefits or salary, as with a mobile money app, you can receive funds via direct deposit. Direct deposit allows you to receive funds two days earlier compared to banks.

Final Thoughts: Money Transfer Apps That Accept American Express

You can trade funds with other users via money transfer apps. When you download the right program from the relevant website, you must create an account online.

Others let you create an account online and then download the appropriate app to handle your finances. Using bank accounts or cards like AmEx, you can fund your app. Some apps do not support American Express.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can American Express Connect to cash App?

Yes, American Express works with the Cash App. It is not necessary to link your American Express card in order for it to work; however, you will receive $1 for every person that you refer to the Cash App using your code (must sign up using your unique code).

What money app takes American Express?

Cash App supports debit and credit cards from Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

Can I transfer money from my American Express card?

If you have a checking or savings account with us, you can transfer money from your American Express card in a few ways: Call the number on the back of your card, or our general customer service number at 800-285-8585.

Can I Send Money Using My American Express Card?

Yes! Eligible Card Members can use the American Express App to send money to any Venmo or PayPal user. First, you'll need to enroll in Send & Split®, which can be found in the “Account” tab of the Amex App.

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