How to Transfer Money From ReliaCard to Cash App

Want to know how to transfer money from ReliaCard to Cash App? then stay glued to this guide as I will show you how to do so in a few steps.
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Transfer Money From ReliaCard to Cash App

If you are a user of Reliacard and you want to use your funds in a more flexible manner, then transferring it from ReliaCard to Cash App is an amazing idea. A ReliaCard is a reloadable Visa debit card that lets you receive government agency payments electronically.

It is of no doubt that every individual will wan to have cash at hand and ready to use in case of any emergency and this is the main reason why you receive your electronic payments on your ReliaCard. Once you receive the fund on your ReliaCard, you might want to transfer it to your bank account.

As soon as you have transferred the funds into your bank account, transferring it from bank account to Cash App becomes an easy process.

In order to transfer money from ReliaCard to Cash App, you have to first of all withdraw the funds to a linked bank account and from here now, you transfer the money from your bank to Cash App. It is necessary you have in mind that there is no direct method to transfer money from ReliaCard to Cash App since they do not integrate.

Want to know how to transfer money from ReliaCard to Cash App? then stay glued to this guide as I will show you how to do so in a few steps.

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What is ReliaCard?

As earlier said in this guide, ReliaCard is a reloadable Visa debit card that lets you receive government agency payments electronically.

The card is issued by the U.S Bank and operates similarly to other credit cards that it may be used to purchase goods and services while also allowing you to withdraw money from ATMs.

Can I Transfer Money From ReliaCard to Cash App?

Yes you are able to transfer money from ReliaCard to Cash App but in order to transfer money from a payment card to your Cash App account, you must first of all link the card to your Cash App account and fortunately, this requires only a few minutes.

It is necessary to remember that ReliaCard does not allow direct money transfers to Cash App, due to the fact that Cash App is not compatible with most prepaid cards.

How to Transfer Money From ReliaCard to Cash App

As earlier said in this article there is no way you can transfer money from ReliaCard to Cash App directly since Cash App does not work with most prepaid cards.

So you will have to first of all transfer the money from the ReliaCard to a linked bank account before being able to move the funds to your Cash App account.

Below are the well outlined steps involved in transferring money from ReliaCard to Cash App. In case you already have an activated ReliaCard, then you can just go straight to the 3rd step.

Step 1: Apply for and Get a ReliaCard

Before applying for a ReliaCard, you first of all have to be eligible. You can apply if you are in the government benefit program.

When you get the card, you will get some information that comes with the card. Below are the key points to keep in mind.

  1. The U.S Bank Privacy Pledge.
  2. How to Activate the ReliaCard.
  3. Cardholder agreement and Terms/Conditions for the Card.
  4. Detailed description of how and where you can make use of this card.
  5. The Fee schedule showing any associate charge for the card use.

Step 2: Activate Your ReliaCard

You are able to activate your ReliaCard by calling customer support or better still you can activate it online from the ReliaCard official website.

  • Call the toll-free number 1-855-279-1270.
  • Allow time for the respondent to contact you.
  • Request for card activation.
  • Choose an Identification PIN.

Step 3: Transfer Money From ReliaCard to a Linked Bank Account

As you cannot transfer money from Reliacard to Cash App, you can accept money from ReliaCard using a linked bank account and then transfer the funds to Cash App.

If you follow do it correctly, then the process should just take a couple of days.

It can take close to 5 days for a bank transfer to be completed. You will have to transfer the money to Cash App as soon as it reflects in your bank account.

Below are the steps involved in sending money to your bank account:

  1. Identify a bank account that is supported by Cash App.
  2. Stan an ACH money transfer from your ReliaCard to the bank.
  3. To finish up with the transaction, you will have to provide the relevant account information, such as the account number and routing number.

Step 4: Transfer Money From Bank Account to Cash App

As soon as the money reflects in your  bank account, you can easily send the money to Cash App. To move on with the process, you must first of link your bank to Cash App in a similar way you did in the previous step.

  1. Open your Cash App account
  2. Hit on the Banking tab on your screen
  3. Hit on Add Cash
  4. Choose the amount of money to add
  5. Tap Add
  6. Use Touch ID or your PIN to confirm the transaction.

How Do I Get A ReliaCard?

In case you are a government benefit program beneficiary, you can apply for a ReliaCard. You can receive your agency payments in one of 2 ways.

One of the options you have is to set up a direct deposit to a U.S Bank account and the other is to get a ReliaCard.

You can receive your recurring payments for your bank or credit union accounts by direct deposits to your checking or savings account. You must the routing and account details of the receiving accounts when requesting a direct deposit.

To request a direct payment into your bank account, you have two alternatives. Utilizing the Online Claim System and choosing electronic deposit is the first approach.

The Authorization for Electronic Deposit Form can also be printed out and sent to your unemployment office instead. Your agency must authenticate your account within two weeks. While you wait for your account to be ready, you will continue to get your payments via checks.

However, using the online system is the most efficient method since the information enters the system instantly.

If you do not apply for a direct deposit, you will automatically receive the ReliaCard into your mailbox details that you provide when signing up for the ReliaCard. Earlier on, I mentioned that you can use ReliaCard to buy goods and services. Well, you can also transfer money from ReliaCard to a bank account. Is that not amazing?

How Do I Activate a ReliaCard?

As soon as you have received the ReliaCard, you will have to call the Custom support center at 1-855-279-1270 to activate it.

Since the phone number is toll-free, you should not be worried if you do not have access to cellular service.

You will have to choose the identification PIN necessary for ATM withdrawals, during the activation of your card.

You can still decide to activate the card online from the ReliaCard website. If you signed up for direct deposit, then you should keep the card because if your direct deposit fails, your agency will use the card instead.

You will see that the ReliaCard comes with some information that are listed below.

  1. Instructions on how to activate the card
  2. A Fee Schedule
  3. The Cardholder Agreement, which has terms and conditions
  4. A Guide to show you how and where you can use the card
  5. The U.S. Bank Privacy Pledge

Once you activate the card, you will not need to request a new card since deposits will always automatically reflect your card account.

Is There Any Charge To Get The ReliaCard?

There is no cost to obtain a ReliaCard, and no one should demand payment in order for you to receive unemployment benefits.

Additionally, the unemployment agency does not contract with any other business to provide benefits recipients with unemployment services. As a result, you ought to see anyone offering to provide the services as a con artist.

Fraudsters might even send you a false email claiming you received the card. You can receive calls from others who want to scam you out of money. If this occurs to you, be sure to notify the organization by contacting 877-877-9392 (for Oregon) or going to the ReliaCard website.

How Long Does It Takes to Transfer Money From ReliaCard to Cash App

Transferring money from ReliaCard to Cash App should take up to 3 days to complete, though the time duration varies from one bank to the other.

If you wan to estimate the total time taken to transfer money from ReliaCard to Cash App, then you can say the transaction takes 4 -8 days to complete.

Is it Safe to Have Money in Your ReliaCard Account?

There is no harm in having money in your card account since various mechanisms are put in place to ensure that you don’t lose money. Mechanisms used to secure your money while on the card are as follows.

1) PIN - Once you receive the card, you are supposed to choose a PIN. The four-digit number is supposed to secure your card account from thieves who can withdraw money from ATMs without your permission.

2) Data Encryption - Your online activities are secure since no one can intercept your communication with the servers. Hackers can never find your account details unless you are careless enough to use an insecure internet connection.

3) FDIC insurance - The ReliaCard issuing bank has FDIC insurance in that your money is safe at the bank. That means that in case the bank collapses, then you can be sure that you will get your funds back.

Can I Add Money to My ReliaCard?

ReliaCard does not have a routing or account number and this very important to remember. So a result of this, you will not be able to set up a direct deposit for the card. It is only the issuing agency that have that capacity to load money onto the card.

This means that if I hold the card, no one else can use my account number to withdraw money. In any case, the card lacks an account.

More to that, getting funds from a card, bank, or credit union account, often demands more than just an account number.

Ways to Deposit or Add Funds to ReliaCard

Reliacard does not come with an account number or routing number, which makes cardholders worry if they may deposit funds into the card themselves.

The authorizing company is the only one who can add money to your ReliaCard.

Benefits Of Receiving Payments Through ReliaCard

There are lots of benefits that come with the ReliaCard as compared to the direct deposit option. They include the following:

i) Agency Benefits

Reduces costs that come with paper checks or vouchers, reconciliation, postage, or replacement of lost checks

  1. Maximizes electronic payments
  2. Less process as compared to direct deposit

ii) Cardholder Benefits

  1. The convenience of funds loaded to your card eliminates the need to cash or deposit a check
  2. The card allows you to make purchases at stores that accept it
  3. You can withdraw funds at an ATM point
  4. You can transfer money to a bank account. Again, the bank account does not need to be yours, as you can successfully use the Reliacard to transfer money to someone else’s bank account
  5. The card comes with Zero Liability
  6. Transaction alerts.

Final Thoughts: How to Transfer Money From ReliaCard to Cash App

A Visa debit card called ReliaCard enables you to get unemployment compensation from the appropriate organization. Unless you choose to join up for a direct deposit, you don't need to register for the card as you immediately receive it if you apply for the benefits.

Since ReliaCard lacks account and routing data, only the relevant agency is able to load money onto the card. ReliaCard cannot be used to directly add funds to the Cash App.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you transfer money from a paycard to Cash App?

You currently can't use a prepaid card on Cash App to add funds to your account. Cash App accepts linked bank accounts and credit or debit cards backed by Visa, American Express, Discover, or MasterCard.

Can I use Cash App without ID?

Yes you can make use of your Cash App even without ID but it is necessary to know that verifying your identity with Cash App will make your account more secure and will unlock those additional features.

Can I use Cash App without a SSN?

Certain features within Cash App require your identity to be verified. To keep your identity safe, never share your SSN or offer your SSN to anyone outside of Cash App. As a reminder, Cash App Support will never ask for your SSN to receive help.

How do I get all my money off my ReliaCard?

In-Network ATMs: Withdraw cash for free at any U.S. Bank or MoneyPass ATM. For the nearest fee-free ATM locations visit: or

Can you transfer money from ReliaCard?

If you need to direct funds from your card to a bank account, please log into the cardholder website. In the Manage Money menu, select Card to Bank Transfer and follow the instructions to input account information to which funds are being sent.

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