How to Order Checks Online (10 Best Places to Consider)

This article provides a comprehensive guide to ordering checks online, covering topics such as the types of checks available, the process of ordering.
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Order Checks Online

It is of no doubt that most banks provide their customers with a starter set of checks free when you first open a bank account with them. After that you are left to your self.

And at some point in time, depending on how many checks you write, you will run out of checks. If you want to restock, you will now need to pay for your own checks. With respect to how often you need to write checks, restocking can end up costing you a reasonable amount.

Ordering checks directly from your bank is not also always the best option for you due to the fact that banks can be expensive.

For this reason, one of the best places to order checks is online.

There exist several companies that allow you to get checks mailed right to you. This include personal checks and business checks, and you can choose between duplicate and single checks.

For those that do not know, duplicate checks come with a thin carbon sheet copy behind them. Meaning that you will have a copy for your records. Single checks do not have this paper behind them and are cheaper than duplicate checks. The good thing is that you are able to order both types of checks online.

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Check With Your Bank First

As earlier said in this article, most banks and financial institutions will give free checks or 2-3 free checkbooks as an introductory offer when you open a bank account with them for the first time.

Some banks actually give you a few for free after you run out of your initial checks.

This includes nearly all small and big banks and financial institutions like credit unions such as:

  • U.S Bank
  • Bank of America
  • Wells Fargo
  • Chase
  • SunTrust
  • Capital On Financial Corp

This also applies for smaller Credit Unions like Neighbors Credit Union, smaller banks such as Aspiration, as well as small regional and local banks.

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What Do You Need to Order a Check

Before you can order a check online, you will need some information as stated below:

1. Contact Information

Therefore, while obtaining checks online, you will need to provide your name and address.

2. Bank routing number

In essence, your bank routing number serves as an address to let the banking system know which bank will process your check since it shows where your account was started. All you have to do is look for the nine-digit number on the bottom left of checks to find the routing number.

Your bank should be able to provide you with the routing number if you don't have a check. To do this, there are two methods. First, you could check to see if routing numbers are posted on the website of your bank. A good way to find it is to search for your bank's name and "routing number" on Google.

3. Checking account number

Your bank account number is typically located at the bottom of any checks you currently own or on your bank statement. Your account number is often the second number from the left on checks (the bottom of the check is made up of three numbers).

4. A check number

Okay, so if you have been using a checkbook for a while, and you’re on say, check number 99 in your checkbook, then consider starting the new set with check number 100. Ordering checks that start with a check number you haven’t used yet is a good idea for keeping your finances organized. It is, however, optional.

5. Bank’s contact information

Also required is your bank’s contact information. Make sure you enter the correct address – so double check here! Check the address against your existing checks if possible.

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10 Best Places to Order Checks Online

Now that you're familiar with the ordering process, let's explore the ten best places to consider when ordering checks online:

1. Bradford Exchange

You can get 1 pack of 120 single checks for $19.95 and 1 pack of 100 checks for $22.95. Personal checks and business checks are available here. You can get free deposit slips and check register with each order. Fraud protection available.

2. Super Value Checks

You can get 60 single checks starting at just $1.95 or $3.95 for 1 pack of 125 single checks. And, you can get 50 duplicate checks for just $2.95 or 1 pack of 100 duplicate checks for $5.95. You can order either personal checks or Business checks.

60 single checks are available for as little as $1.95, or $3.95 for a bundle of 125 single checks. Additionally, you can get a box of 100 duplicate checks for $5.95 or 50 duplicate checks for just $2.95.

3. Costco

Offers competitive pricing and bulk ordering discounts for Costco members. Prices start as low at $15.17 for Costco Executive Members, and $18.96 for Gold Star/Business Members for 250 single checks. For duplicate checks, it costs $16 for Costco Executive Members, and $20 for Gold Star/Business Members.

Here, you are able to order Personal, business checks, and high security checks.

4. Carousel Checks

Known for its extensive collection of check designs, including themed checks for various interests and hobbies. More than 3,500 designs available. If you join the company’s email list, you can get 15% off.

You can get 125 single checks for just $8.99 and 100 duplicate checks for just $11.99.

5. Checks Unlimited

Offers a wide selection of check designs and customization options at affordable prices. Get 100 single checks for as low as $18.99, and 100 duplicate checks for as low as $24.99. You can order either Personal or Business Checks depending on what you want.

6. Walmart

Convenient option for ordering checks online with a variety of design choices and fast shipping.  Prices start at just $7.46 for a pack of 150 single checks, or $8.46 for a pack of 150 duplicate checks. Types of checks you can find here include; Personal checks, business checks, and designer checks.


Here, Prices start at as low as $4.95 for a box of single checks, and $5.95 for a box of duplicate checks. A box contains 100 checks. You can order Personal checks and business checks.

8. Sam's Club

Get 480 single checks for as low as $13.20, and 330 duplicate checks for just $13.96. At Sam's Club, Personal checks, high security checks, and business checks. There are several styles to choose from, ranging from simple checks to ones with unique patterns.

9. Checks In The Mail

 Offers eco-friendly check options and quick reordering for returning customers. Prices start at just $5.25 for one pad of 25 single checks, and $7.25 for one pad of 25 duplicate checks.

The website provides thousands of checks in a wide variety of designs, including blue safety checks, character checks, and royal checks.

10. Bank's Website

Many banks offer online check ordering services for their customers, providing a seamless experience with familiar branding and security. It is good you have in mind that their prices might not be the best as compared to the other areas where you can get checks.

Final Thoughts: Where is the Cheapest Place to Order Checks From?

It can get somewhat costly to buy checks from the bank, particularly if you request them frequently. These days, there are several options available for ordering them online, and it can often end up being considerably less expensive.

Of course, comparing costs is crucial. Make sure to inquire about check prices from your bank and then contrast them with those found online. Additionally, avoid using the first website you stumble over. Spend some time comparing the prices that each has to offer, and don't forget to take into account extraneous aspects like delivery costs, times, and other features.

then decide which website best meets your requirements. The aforementioned websites are all reliable and secure places to order checks online at competitive rates, offering an extensive selection of customizable styles.

Where is the greatest website, in your opinion, to order checks online? Tell us in the space provided for comments below.

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