Can You Cash A Check At An ATM? (Yes, Here's How)

This article provides a step-by-step guide to cash a check at an atm, including information on the different types of checks available.
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Cash A Check At An ATM

It is of no doubt that you might want to know whether you can cash a check at an ATM if you can't make it to your bank during regular business hours or maybe you do not have access to remote banking.

That is what this article compiles. In this article, I will address everything you need to know about depositing a check at an ATM.

You will find out in this article if it is possible to cash a check at an ATM, how to do it, what types of checks can be cashed at an ATM, and other ways to get your check cashed when you do not have access to ATMs.

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Can You Cash a Check at An ATM?

Yes, you are able to cash a check at an ATM.

Nevertheless, it is good you have in mind that you aren't technically "cashing" the check but rather, you are depositing the check into your account and then withdrawing the funds. The yield is still the same as you end up getting the cash you want.

As soon as you have deposited the check, you may be able to withdraw the same amount. However, it also depends on how much your check is worth and the bank's daily withdrawal limit.

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Can You Cash a Check at an ATM Without a Bank Account

In order to cash at an ATM, you will of course need a bank account. This is due to the fact that you are depositing money from the check into your bank account.

If you do not own a bank account, then depositing checks onto a prepaid card and then withdrawing the cash from an ATM using the card is a better alternative for you.

How to Cash a Check at an ATM

Now that you know there is a possibility to cash a check at an ATM, I'm sure you will want to know how it works. Stay glued to this section as I will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to cash a check at an ATM.

1. Find an ATM

The very first thing you need to do is to locate an ATM that accepts check deposits. Ensure that an ATM lets you deposit a check beforehand so that you are not wasting your time.

2. Endorse the Check

As soon as have located an ATM that will cash your check, you will need to endorse the back of your check.

If you have no idea on how to do this, make sure you check out this article on how to endorse a check.

In some banks, you will have to fill out a deposit slip to insert into the ATM along with your check. so it is good you first of check what the requirements are to deposit your check with that particular bank.

3. Insert Your Card and Enter Your PIN

The next thing you need to do here is simply insert your card and then enter your PIN. Sure you already know that you will require a valid ATM card, debit card or prepaid card that's been issued by a bank or credit union.

All you need to do here is insert your card and then the ATM will prompt you to enter your PIN.

4. Follow the Prompts

As soon as you have already inserted your card and entered your PIN, you will need to follow the instructions that appear on the ATM's screen.

It is quite simple and you might encounter prompts such as "deposit check", "cash check" or "make a deposit" on there.

Once you have chosen the relevant option, you will be prompted to deposit the check.

5. Insert the Check and Complete the Transaction

From here now, you have to follow the ATM's instructions for inserting the check. You will need to confirm the amount that the ATM reads from the check.

Make sure you follow any additional instructions in order to finalize the deposit. This will complete the transaction.

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Types of Checks You Can Cash at am ATM

The good thing with ATMs is that they accept various types of checks.

Surely it is always good to check with the particular ATM that you are planning to deposit your check with just to be sure that it accepts the type of check that you have to cash.

Below are the various types of checks that are often accepted at ATMs:

  • Cashier's Check
  • Personal Check
  • Certified Checks
  • Government Checks
  • Payroll Checks

ATMs With Check Cashing

Several banks offer ATM check cashing. This is actually amazing because in most cases, they are open 24/7, even on the weekends, meaning you can cash a check anytime on you need it even on Sunday.

You might want to check out Banks That Open On Sundays Near Me.

You can simply move to one of your bank's ATMs and deposit your check.

Below are some banks that have ATMs where you are able to deposit check.

  • Capital One
  • Chase
  • Bank of America
  • Citizens Bank
  • TD Bank
  • Fifth Third Bank
  • M&T Bank
  • US Bank
  • Wells Fargo
  • Citibank

Other Ways to Cash a Check

It is always good to have other options in hand just in case cashing a check at an ATM does not work for you.

In case an ATM does not work for you, you have several other options for cashing a check:

Grocery Stores

There are some local grocery stores which can provide similar convenient check cashing service that you would get at an ATM. You are able to cash many types of checks at the grocery store, but they do not generally cash personal checks.

Below are some grocery stores that cash checks:

  • Hy-Vee
  • Walmart
  • Kroger and its subsidiaries
  • WinCo Foods

Check Cashing Stores

Check cashing stores are another good option for cashing your check. They’re particularly great if you want to cash a check outside of regular business hours because many offer 24-hour check cashing.

The downside though is that they charge fees. Some examples of check cashing stores include PLS Check Cashing and Speedy Cash.

A Bank Teller

If you are get to the bank during business hours, then simply cashing your check with a bank teller is a great option. If you have an account with the bank, you like won't be encounter any fees.

Mobile Apps

I would advise you to try the mobile banking app if your bank has one, since many of them let you cash checks. When you are unable to visit the bank during regular business hours, this is a simple option to deposit a check. Actually, it's just generally convenient!

You may deposit a check using your smartphone and these mobile banking apps. Usually, all you have to do is snap a picture of your cheque. You can quickly obtain the money. To find out if your bank offers check cashing, check the app.

The Bank The Issued The Check

Actually, visiting the bank that issued the check is one of the most cost-effective and fastest options.

It is one of the best ways to cash a check without a bank account. Simply look at the check and see which bank issued it. In most checks, you will find the name of the issuing bank on the bottom left corner of the check, just above the memo line.

As soon as you know the bank that offer it, you can visit the local branch of that bank to cash your check.

Final Thoughts: Can You Cash A Check at An ATM?

While the concept of cashing a check at an ATM offers convenience and efficiency, its availability and feasibility depend on various factors, including your bank’s policies and the capabilities of the ATM network.

Before attempting to cash a check at an ATM, it’s essential to understand your bank’s guidelines, check for ATM compatibility, and consider any associated fees or limitations.

By exploring your banking options and leveraging the resources available to you, you can effectively manage your finances and make the most of modern banking conveniences.

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