Cash App Payment Completed But Not Received (Here's What to Do Now)

Is your Cash App payment showing completed but not yet received? then here is what to do to enable your recipient get your payment without anu issue.
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Cash App Payment Completed But Not Received

Sure it might be a little frustrating to complete a payment via Cash App but you later on find out that the funds seems to be hovering in the air and your recipient is yet to receive your funds. If this is the case with you, then you should not worry because your funds are not gone.

In this article, I will show you how to resolve this issue and have your money send to the respective recipient.

Before you get into fixing Cash App payments completed but no received, it is good you first of all have a proper understanding of the various reasons that can trigger such unpleasant situation.

Our article today is based on letting you know reasons why Cash App payments were completed but not received, with some fixes for the problem so that you can receive your money.

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What Does "Completed" Mean On Cash App?

Completed payment on Cash App is a clear indication of a successful transaction and the deposit of funds into the recipient's account. Most often when a payment shows as completed in the Cash App, the money automatically reflects in the recipient's account.

It is good you have in mind that a completed transaction cannot be canceled.

Most of Cash App's payments take place instantly, but you might some time encounter a problem, and with respect to that issue, it may take anything from a few minutes to may be days before being fixed.

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Why Does My Cash App Say Completed But Not Received?

Cash App is a payment service that lets users send and receive money instantly without any problem, but this does not mean that Cash App is totally free from any issue.

Since Cash App payments are meant to be instantaneous, the money you sent on Cash App should reflect in your recipients account in just a few seconds. If your payment is taking so much time on Cash App, then this simply means that, there is an issue causing the delay.

In case Cash App payment is completed but the recipient is yet to receive the money, the transaction will be seen as "Pending Payment" and until you do what is needed of you, the payment will not be marked as complete.

Here are some key reasons why Cash App says completed but not received:

1. Connection Issue

Cash App requires a stable internet connection so as to operate smoothly, so if your internet connection is not up to the task, your Cash App payments will not be received by your recipients.

If your internet connection is really that bad, you will not even able to open the App, not to mention initiating the transaction.

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2. You did not Enter The Recipient's Details Properly

One of the most popular cause of Cash App payments being completed but not received is entering of incorrect payment details.

There is no perfect human being that can boast of a 100% accurate memory and for this reason each and everyone of us can make a mistake at any given point in life.

3. Your Recipient's Account Might Have An Issue

If your recipient's account has any limitation on Cash App or they have an issue with their banking institution, then they will not be able to receive any additional payment until the problem is solved.

4. Insufficient Cash App Balance

Of course you can send money beyond what you have in your Cash App account. For this reason, if the funds in your Cash pp account is not enough to cover your transaction, then there will be no way for Cash App to complete the transaction.

If your issue is insufficient balance, then you will surely be notified by Cash App and the Cash App Payment will remain pending in your Activity feed,

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5. Might be Account Limitations Issues

One of the best Cash App features that several individuals love on Cash App is that you must not verify your account before being able to use Cash App.

For this reason, there are many individuals using Cash App without verifying their identity, and this comes with some limitations such as how much they can send and receive via the app.

Unverified Cash App accounts are allowed to send just $250 in a 7-day period and receive $1,000 in a 30-day period.

6. Technical Issues At the Level Of Cash App Servers

Cash App also depends on the proper functioning of its servers to be able to offer users the quality services they should expect when navigating the app.

With that said, if cash app's money transfer server has an issue, you will not be able to send Cash App payments and even if you do, chances that the payment will be receive by your recipient are very slim.

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What To Do When Cash App Payment Is Completed But Not Received

Now that we have seen the various reasons that might lead to Cash App payment completed but not received, let us look at what to when you encounter such issues on your Cash App.

1. Ensure That You and Your Recipient Have a Good Internet Connection

Internet connection issues is actually an issue neglected by many, though is real. If you sent a payment to your recipient and they say they are yet to receive it, then you should ask them to check their internet connection and refresh their activity feed since poor internet connectivity might be the cause.

In case the problem was internet connectivity, then they should receive the Cash App payment in just a few minutes.

2. Make Sure Your Balance Is Sufficient

Each time you want to make a payment on Cash App, it is good you first of all check to see if your balance is sufficient enough to cover the transaction.

In case your account is short of funds, then Cash App will mark the payment as pending until you top up your Cash App account, the payment will not be receive by your recipient.

3. Check For Server Issues

As earlier mentioned in this article, if there is a problem with the Cash App money transfer server, you will not be able to send or receive money on the platform, and even if you succeed in sending the money, your recipient might not receive the Cash App payment.

So as to let their users be aware of the server statuses, Cash App now features a status page where it shows the actual status of all its servers.

So it is left over to you now to always check the sever of the feature you want to use and if you see that it is down, then I will recommend that you wait until the servers are properly functioning again.

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4. Double Check Your Recipients Payment Details

As a Cash user, sure you know that Cash App is an instant payment app and for this reason, double-checking your recipient's payment details before sending it will probably help you avoid a lot of unwanted situations.

If your Cash App payment is completed but your recipient has not yet received it, then I will recommend that you go to your activity feed, click on the payment details and see if you sent the payment to the correct recipient.

If unfortunately you did not send the money to the right recipient, then you should just hope that person that received the money should be full of manners to send you back the money.

5. Ask Your Recipient To Check Their Accounts

If you are sure that everything is smooth on your end, then the problem might surely be from your recipient's account. Do not hesitate to ask your recipient to check their linked bank account and Cash App account for any issues or limitations.

If you find out that the issue if from your recipients end, then they will have to fix it immediately before they can receive the funds.

6. Clear Off Any Limitation Applied to Your Account

In case your Cash App account has any limitations, then do not expect your payments to be completed unless you resolve your issues.

This also applies if you have not yet verified your identity on Cash App, I will recommend you to do so in order to enjoy most of Cash App's features and this will also eliminate any limitations that applies to your Cash App account.

However, if you are already a verified Cash App users, then it is good you check to see if your account has been limited for anything else like unauthorized activities or any other policy violation on Cash App.

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7. Contact Cash App Support

Here is the last but not least option. If you are tried the above methods and none has worked for you, then contacting Cash App support is your last option to overcome this issue.

Here is how to contact Cash App support:

  1. Tap the profile icon in Cash App
  2. Choose "Support".
  3. Select "Start a Chat" and ask them why your completed payment has not been received by your recipient.

Receiving Payments On Cash App

The history of all your payments received on Cash App are found in your activity feed.

Below are the steps you can use in order to access your activity feed via the app:

  1. Open your Cash App application and tap the "Activity" tab on your home screen.
  2. Now choose your payment of interest and then check its status.

What Happens If Someone Does Not Accept Your Cash App Payment?

Let's say you have sent a payment on Cash App and your recipient does not accept your Cash App payment, this request will automatically expire in 14 days from the day you made the payment.

Immediately you receive a Cash App payment, it will be available instantly in your balance and you can then send the money to friends or close relatives or even cash out via your cash card.

How Do I Know If Someone Received My Cash Ap Payment?

There are several ways you can use to determine if someone received your Cash App payment not. Below are some ways to know is someone received your Cash App payment:

Check your Activity feed: When you send a payment, it will appear in your Activity feed with a status of "Pending" or "Completed." If the status is "Completed," then the recipient has received the payment.

Ask the recipient: If you're not sure whether or not the recipient received the payment, you can simply ask them.

Check Your account balance and notice any changes: If you see that the amount you were transferring has been deducted from the account balance then your recipient has surely received your payment.

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How Long Does It Take For Cash App to Complete A Transaction?

Most at times, Cash App payments or transactions takes place instantly, meaning that if you sent a payment to someone via Cash App, you should see it reflect in your recipients account in just a few minutes.

Final Thoughts: Cash App Payment Completed But Not Received

With Cash App, users can instantly send and receive money safely and quickly with just a few clicks on their mobile devices.

Cash App's customer support team has access to the necessary tools and resources to assist you further with resolving payment-related issues. They will be able to review the transaction and provide guidance on the next steps.

Remember to be patient and maintain clear communication with both the recipient and Cash App support as you work towards resolving the situation.

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