How to Get Free Trial Amazon Prime (5 Easy Ways)

Amazon Prime can be referred to as the subscription membership of the Amazon website. Find out how to get free Amazon Prime trial again and again.
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Get Free Trial Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime can be referred to as the subscription membership of the Amazon website.

You are able to get free Amazon prime trial regardless of the fact if you have used one before or not. Online shopping has become very popular in such a way that you will hardly find anyone who does not use Amazon these days.

The numerous parcels which often come at your doorsteps comes with a heavy delivery fees. Amazon Prime provides a solution to this problem by delivering for free in exchange for a fixed monthly charge.

It is even better if you can skip the subscription fee and just get free deliveries without having to pay a dime.

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What is Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime is a subscription membership of the Amazon website. It basically lets you receive unlimited free premium (next day) delivery for eligible products. Have in mind that not all products are eligible for Prime, so do not be surprise that sometime you still need to pay delivery fees.

With the Prime membership, you will receive some extra advantages such as:

  • Access Prime Video
  • Stream Unlimited Music
  • Do unlimited reading
  • Use unlimited storage photos

On normal basis, Amazon Prime costs £7.99 monthly or £79 yearly in the United Kingdom and $14.99 per month or $139 in the United States. In case you decide to pay annually, then it cost £6.58 or $11.58 per month.

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How Can You Get a Free Amazon Prime Trial For 30 Days?

There exist many ways through which you can obtain a free Amazon prime trial and if you are new to Amazon, all you have to do is sign up for the trial when you are prompted. If you have already taken an Amazon prime trial, you can get another one but you will have to wait for 12 months or better still use one of the ways which you will see subsequently.

5 Ways to Get Free Amazon Prime Trial Again and Again

Do you want to keep using the amazing unlimited free deliveries without paying the fee attached to it, then you can try out of the methods that you will see below. Even if your 30 days free trial come to an end, you can still get another free trial Again and Again.

1. Wait For 12 Months

As soon as your free trial comes to an end, all you will have to do is to wait for 12 months and after that you will be eligible for another 30-day free Amazon Prime trial. Just navigate back to your account and select prime again. You will be able to follow the prompts in order to obtain another free account.

In case that does not work, you can wait until you want to buy something again and then when coming to the checkout page, you should automatically be offered another free trial. Once this expires, you will need to wait another 12 months before you follow the same procedure and get another 30-day free Amazon Prime trial.

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2. Sign Up for Amazon Prime Student Membership

Students benefit from a special offer from Amazon prime. Instead of the normal 30-day free Amazon prim trial, they can get a free Amazon prime trial for up to six months without any added cost. You can still take this trial even if you previously completed the standard 30- day trial.

In a situation where you live with housemates, then you can each take a turn signing up for an Amazon prime student trial. In this way, you will surely be covered till the end of your degree program.

3. Switch Your Mobile Plan

There are some smartphones plans which come with a complimentary prime membership that you do not need to pay extra for. Like for example Vodafone (UK), Metro by T-Mobile (US).

Have in mind that these plans might not always be the most cost-effective plans and in case you are using your phone much, you will likely be better off paying for Amazon prime directly instead of getting a free Amazon prime trial.

At the time you want to sign up and get a free Amazon prime trial, it is necessary that you check a comparison website like MoneySupermarket so as to find the best deal available at that moment.

4. Share Amazon Prime Accounts in Your Household

Actually the easiest way for you to get a free Amazon Prime trial for 30 days is to share the trials with your household. Each member can take out a trial at a time. This means that if you are living with 8 relatives, then you are covered for more than half a year. After this, you will be left with just some few months for you to be able to take out a free trial again.

5. Create a New Amazon Account

Creating a new Amazon prime account will guarantee you a 30-days free trial again but it is against Amazon's terms for an individual to have more than one account in your name. If you create several accounts in an attempt to abuse the free trial, your account will become suspended and might not even be able to register on Amazon again.

With that said, the best thing to do here is to close your old account, and then wait a while. Finally, you can register a new account with a different email address to get a free Amazon prime trial again.

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Get An Amazon Prime Free Trial If you Are New

In a case where you have never paid for Amazon prime before, you can sign up for a 30-day free trial. In order to get a free Amazon prime trial, you can simply follow this link. You should see a big yellow button stating "Start Your 30 Day Free Trial" as you can see in the image below.

Get Free Trial Amazon Prime

It is necessary you keep in mind that you have to cancel your free trial period within the trial period, if not, it will progress to a paid membership. You can cancel it anytime and the trial will remain active until the end of the trial period.

How to Cancel The Amazon Prime Free Trial

Anytime you obtain a free Amazon prime trial, you have to remember to cancel it in time so as to avoid charges. You are able to cancel you trial at anytime within the trial period but you will keep the benefits until the end of your trial period.

In fact, it is good idea to cancel your 30-day Amazon Prime free trial a few days after taking so that you do not stand any chance of forgetting it.

You can follow the steps below in order to Cancel your Amazon prime free trial:

  • Navigate to your Prime Membership, which you can see under your Account.
  • Under Manage Membership, click Update, Cancel and More.
  • Select "End Membership".
  • Scroll down and the click "I Do Not Want Benefits" or Click "End My Benefits".
  • Click "Continue" to Cancel
  • Click End Membership on (Date).

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Is Paying For Amazon Prime Worth It?

As seen above, Amazon prime promises its customers unlimited free deliveries in exchange for a flat fee of $14.99 per month. For that same price, if you did have Amazon prime, it would possibly be able to pay for your two deliveries. If you order more than that twice a month, the Amazon prime is worth it for you.

But rolling with Amazon prime is not that easy due to the fact that:

  • Some items are still not eligible for Amazon prime, meaning that even though you are already an Amazon prime member, you will still have to pay for some deliveries.
  • In case you do not follow the Amazon prime cancellation process as seen above, you will be charged for that.
  • Generally, even if you do not have Amazon prime, you can still get free delivery if you spend above £20 on items which are eligible for free delivery.
  • Once you have Amazon prime, you will be tempted to purchase more items, therefore increasing your overall expenditures.

With that said, making a general recommendation of whether to use Amazon prime or not, is not that easy. The best thing you can do is to simply take a look at your order history in your account retrospectively and calculate if you would have saved money with Amazon prime. If you see a potential saving, then it is advisable that you go for the subscription.

Final Thoughts on How to Get Free Trial Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is a subscription membership to the Amazon platform and as a member, you enjoy free unlimited premium delivery in exchange for a membership fee. Aside from free delivery, they also receive some other benefits such as prime video and music streaming.

In case you are new to Amazon, you can get a free Amazon prime trial for 30 days just by signing up for it in your account settings. If you have already exhausted your 30 day free trial, then you can  get a free trial Amazon through any of the methods explained above in this article.

After you get a free Amazon prime trial, do not forget to cancel it so as to avoid being charged for it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a 30-day free trial on Amazon Prime?

You can get a 30-day free trial on Amazon by simply signing up for Amazon prime if you are new. And once it expires you will need to wait for 12 months, or follow any of the methods in this article so as to get Amazon prime free trial again and again.

How can I get another free trial on Amazon Prime?

You can get another free trial on Amazon by ; Signing Up for Amazon Prime Student Membership, Switching Your Mobile Plan, Creating a New Amazon Account or Sharing Amazon Prime Accounts in Your Household.

Can I get a free trial on Amazon Prime video?

Yes! Amazon offers a free trial for eligible non-Prime members which includes access to the service for a limited time before you start paying.

How much is Prime after free trial?

Amazon prime promises its customers unlimited free deliveries in exchange for a flat fee of $14.99 per month.

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