Does Zelle Work With Walmart Money Card?

Zelle is compatible with many financial institutions. Check out this article to find out if Zelle works with Walmart Money Card.
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Does Zelle Work With Walmart Money Card

Individuals that use both Zelle and Walmart  Money Card, often seek to know if "Does Zelle Work with Walmart Money Card?". You will find the answer to this question subsequently in this article.

The online payment universe has evolved in the recent years due to the introduction of financial apps such as Zelle that eases the transfer of funds from one account to another.

Zelle is a well known digital payment app that records billions of dollars transferred each year.

The Walmart Money Card on the other hand is a reloadable prepaid card which comes with several benefits especially when it is being used for purchases.

Though Zelle works with most U.S banks and credit unions, but its support for prepaid cards such as the Walmart Money Card is not yet certain.

So stay glued to this article in order to have the answer to the question of does Zelle work with Walmart Money Card.

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What is Zelle?

Zelle, is a quick, safe and simple way to send and receive money from people you know and trust who have a bank account in the United States. If both the sender and receiver have already enrolled in Zelle at their financial institution or in the Zelle app, this can be done in a few minutes.

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How Do I Use Zelle?

Using Zelle is quite simple and all you have to do is to download the app and then sign up with your personal details.

Once you have signed up with Zelle, below us how a typical send transaction works with your email address or U.S mobile phone number.

Set Up and Send: Simply add or choose a trusted recipient, enter the amount to be sent and select an account from which to fund your payment. It is necessary you take time to review and validate the details before you send your payment. Sending money with Zelle can be said to be similar to exchanging cash with someone because most payments are completed in minutes within enrolled users.

Recipient is Notified: In case the person to whom you are sending money to is not yet enrolled with Zelle at their financial institution or in the Zelle app, they will be notified by email or text message with the details of your payment and instructions on how to enroll in order to receive the money.

Recipient Enrolled: If your recipient's email address or U.S mobile number is not already registered with Zelle, they must do so before they can receive the funds sent to them. They will be given fourteen days to complete their one-time enrollment using the same email address or United States mobile phone number that you used to sent the payment.

Money is Sent: As soon as your recipient has enrolled and linked their eligible account to their email or U.S mobile number, the funds are transferred straight to their account and will be made available in like two minutes.

Even if you do not want to send money with Zelle, you should sign up with an eligible account and a U.S mobile phone number or email address.

Provided your friend or relative wants to send you money using Zelle, the money will be quickly transferred to your account.

What is the Walmart Money Card?

The Walmart Money Card is a debit card that does not require a bank account or a credit check, thereby helping you avoid overdraft fees.

If you have a checking account, you will see that many of the features you find on your card are similar to those of your checking account. You can receive payments up to two days early by making use of your card for direct deposit.

If you want to keep track of your prepaid card, you can simply download the Walmart MoneyCard App to your Apple or Android smartphone.

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Does Zelle Work With Walmart Money Card?

No, Zelle does not work with Walmart Money Card.

Basically, Zelle does not accept prepaid cards, but the app only accepts a few prepaid cards from some Zelle Network banks.

Since the Walmart Money Card is not provided by a Zelle network bank, this means that the card will certainly not be compatible with Zelle.

It is always necessary to try first of all and see for yourself cause some users say that Zelle accepted their prepaid cards.

Can I Link Any Card to Zelle?

With Zelle, you can only link debit cards to your account. There is no way you can link a credit card or prepaid card to your Zelle account.

How do you get a Walmart MoneyCard

A Walmart MoneyCard is quite easy to get. You can order a Walmart MoneyCard from their website and it will be delivered to you in two weeks.

In order to avoid having to wait for two weeks, you can buy a card immediately at any Walmart location near you. You must be at least 18 years of age and load funds onto the card before you can start making use of it.

You need a valid Social Security Number to open the account and both the mobile app and mobile or email verification are necessary when it comes to accessing all account features.

Benefits of the Walmart MoneyCard

Most of the features that you find on all visa and Mastercard debit cards, such as fraud protection, are available with the MoneyCard.

More to that, there is a free online bill paying service.

You can choose to make recurring payments for bills like your auto insurance by setting up recurring money recurring money orders, paper checks or both.

Also, with the Walmart Money Card, you can send money to friends and family members anywhere in the United States.

Further more, you can obtain cash back rewards by making purchases at Walmart retail locations (1% Cash back), Walmart fuel stations (2% cash back), and through the Walmart app (3% Cash back).

It is necessary you have in mind that the annual cap on cash back rewards is $75.

Final Thoughts on Does Zelle Work With Walmart Money Card

Zelle is a well known online payment app that lets users send money instantly from one bank account to another.

While the Walmart Money Card on the other hand is a reloadable prepaid card that comes with a lot of benefits as seen above in this article.

Unfortunately for Zelle and Walmart Money Card users, Zelle does not work with the Walmart due to the fact that Zelle does not work with most prepaid cards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Zelle work with Walmart prepaid cards?

No, Zelle does not work with Walmart prepaid cards due to the fact that Zelle is not compatible with most prepaid cards.

Do any prepaid cards work with Zelle?

Yes, Zelle only works with prepaid cards issued by “Zelle Network Banks.” Zelle Network Banks are traditional brick-and-mortar banks. Only a few offer their own prepaid cards–like the Access 360° Prepaid Card and PNC SmartAccess® Prepaid Visa® Card.

What money transfer apps work with Walmart MoneyCard?

Several money transfer apps such as Cash App, American Express, Venmo and a few others work with Walmart Money Card.

Where can I use my Walmart MoneyCard?

You can use your Walmart MoneyCard to make purchases everywhere Visa® Debit & Debit MasterCard® are accepted in the U.S.

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