How to Buy Gift Cards Instantly

Want to buy gift cards instantly? then read this article as it compiles of some of the best and trustworthy sites to buy gift cards online instantly.
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Buy Gift Cards Instantly

Gift cards are actually an amazing way to send a present to friends and family especially during periods of festivities. All you have to do is send a specific amount of money towards your preferred retailer, service, or restaurant and the recipient will choose whatever they like to purchase.

You are able to buy gift cards practically anywhere; restaurants, grocery stored, gift card online store or from people who want to sell gift cards for cash.

There are some banks that let you top-up your account with gift cards such as Visa Gift Cards or Mastercards. An example here is Revolut and it is also available for free in the USA.

Unused gift cards that sum up to a total value of $1 billion go into waster every year because gift cards have become very popular, especially during festive periods as a way to give presents to colleagues, friends and relatives.

Want to buy gift cards instantly? then read this article as it compiles of some of the best and trustworthy sites to buy gift cards online instantly.

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What is a Gift Card?

A gift card is a prepaid debit card that contains a specific amount of money available for use for a variety of purchases. Store gift cards are designed to be used at specific merchants or retailers, while general-use prepaid gift cards are not affiliated with any specific merchant and can also be used to withdraw cash at automated teller machines (ATMs).

A gift card can be used to make purchases on various stores such as Amazon, Walmart or used on iTunes, Starbucks, etc.

How to Buy Gift Cards Online Instantly

There are several online stores, apps and sites via which you can buy gift cards. Most of these are easy to use and they offer instant card delivery as soon as you have paid for the card.

You can buy unwanted gift cards for less than the face value on many online gift card exchange platforms. Some of these platforms where you can buy gift card online include:


BuyBackWorld allows you to buy discounted gift cards below face value. You will find gift cards from popular brands available for sale on this marketplace and shipping is always free.

There are gift cards from more than 1,000 stores and you are able to earn up to 50% off your purchases. Popular gift cards that you can find on BuyBackWorld include Barnes & Noble Gift Card, shell Gas Gift Card, Tunes Gift Card, Starbucks Gift Card, Apple Gift Card, Best Buy Gift Card and Red Lobsrer Gift Card.

Gift Card Granny

With Gift Card Granny, you are able to buy both e-gift cards and physical cards at face value. In this platform, the savings are not upfront instead, you earn cashback on your purchases. In order to redeem your balance for gift cards, you must have earned a minimum of $5 cashback, and a minimum of $10 to redeem for cash. But you will need to create and account before collecting it.

For this reason, Gift Card Granny is an ideal option for people that buy gift cards frequently or at high prices. They do not charge any fees for purchasing virtual cards but you will incur shipping fees for physical cards.

EJ Gift Cards

Buy Gift Cards Instantly

EJ Gift Cards is a marketplace where consumers can buy gift cards. It provides cards from the most popular brands in the US. More to that, you can also buy discounted gift cards.

If you buy electronic gift cards, they are delivered immediately to your inbox. The cards that you will find available to buy on EJ Gift Cards include; Target, Walmart, Starbucks, Nordtsrom, Home Depot, Massage Envy, Victoria Secret and Kohls.


CardCash is known for selling discounted gift cards and if you are lucky, you can even discover more discounts with their twice-weekly email list. With CardCash, you are able to buy partially used or unused gift cards for amounts above $10 and its interface tells you the percentage you will save on each discounted gift card. You do not have to pay any fees buying gift cards on this platform.

CardCash provides you with a 45-day money-back guarantee on all purchases in case something goes wrong with the gift card value.

Gift Card Outlets

Gift Card Oulets is a marketplace that let you buy cards instantly online from popular brands in the USA. With this platform, you are able to buy card from Eileen Fisher, Amazon, Best Buy, Starbucks, Regal Cinemas, Express, Massage Envy, etc.

For all purchases you make, shipping is free but they can only ship your gift cards to your billing address. It will take 1-3 business days for you to receive your card after your have placed and order.

Gift Card Spread

This is another platform where you can but gift cards instantly at a discount for upfront savings. At Gift Card Spread, you can receive a printable Voucher, a digital code, or a physical card (depending on the merchant). Each gift card purchase has a 60-day guarantee period. Gift Card Spread has no buying fees.


Buy Gift Cards Instantly

MyGiftCardPlus is an online marketplace that lets you to instantly buy gift cards such as Domino's gift cards, Lowe's gift cards, Macy's gift cards, eBay gift cards, Applebees gift cards, Groupon gift cards, etc.

More to that, the platform lets you  earn cash back and also earn points that are redeemable through free gift card.

Card Flip

Card Flip lets you save up to 40% in restaurants and stores. There are no buying fees for buying gift cards and shipping for physical cards is free. Your gift card purchases have a 45-day protection against fraudulent sales and inaccurate balances. When you pay for your gift card with direct bank withdrawals or Bitcoin, you get a 3% discount.


With Costco, you are able to buy gift cards at reduced prices. The discounts often varies according to gift card brand. But expect to get savings of up to 20%. You can find deeper discounts than this, but they vary based on the current offers.

Costco discounts are made available for several categories including gaming codes, airlines, movies, spas, retails stores and restaurants.

Giftcards,com provides its customers with a wide range of gift cards from various stores including Mastercard and Visa Gift cards. On this platform, you will earn G-Money rewards on your purchases. Most cards sold on earn 1% reward points. This means that you will save $1 on future purchase for every 100 points earned.

How to Buy Electronic Gift Cards Instantly

Digital gift cards are more and more becoming popular due to their ease of delivery and speed of purchase. eGift cards are available for purchase online and they can be sent electronically via email, text or app. Electronic gift cards gave many benefits compared to physical gift cards and some of these advantages include:

Distance: You are able to buy and send and eGift card from anywhere as you do not have to visit a store physically to buy and send it to the recipient.

Secure: Electronic gift cards are more secured due to the fact that they come with electronic registration that helps to keep track of value in case the gift card is lost or stolen. A lost or stolen physical card becomes useless except if the card has been registered with the retailer.

Customizable: You are able to select any design or color for your gift card, unlike with physical gift cards.

Instant: Electronic gift cards are instant since you buy and get and them instantly and can also send them instantly.

In order to buy or send an eGift card, you have to go to your online store of choice and then select yoyr desired eGift card. Next, choose the gift card amount and in the quantity section, choose how many gift cards you want to send.

Enter the recipients details including the name and email address. Type a personal message to accompany the card and then add the eGift card to your cart and proceed to checkout an send your gift card.

As soon as the recipient recipient receives the eGift card, you will receive an email message confirming the delivery and a message notifying you that the eGift card has been reviewed.

It is necessary you know that eGift cards are delivered electronically and can only be used for over the phone or online purchases.

Apps to Buy Gift Cards

Most of the platforms named above can be accessed through web bowsers or via their mobile applications to buy gift cards. Other apps to buy gift cards include Prepaid2Cash, Gyft, eGifter, and Giftnix.

Can You Buy Gift Cards With Cash App?

Cash App is a well known money transfer app in the United States that can be linked to nearly all bank accounts, credit cards, or debit cards. When it comes to gift cards, Cash App does not sell its own gift cards like PayPal or Apple and there is also no way to buy a gift card or prepaid card with Cash App.

But you can use your Cash App card balance to buy gift card from other sites.

Can You Buy Gift Cards With a Credit Card?

Yes! you can decide to buy your gift cards with a payment card such as a credit card or debit card if it is suitable for you to earn rewards, or to save money on a specific purchase. Regardless of whether you are buying the gift card online or in person, purchasing gift card with a credit card is a straight forward process.

If you are buying the gift card with a credit card in person, you simply select the gift card, bring to the register and then choose credit card as your payment method. The same methodology applies to online purchases. All you have to do is go to your chosen site, select the type of gift card you want, add the card to your online cart and then proceed to the payment page and choose your payment method.

Final Thoughts on How to Buy Gift Cards Instantly

Due to the fact that both physical and electronic gift card are fast rising in popularity, numerous sites, stores and apps are making them available to the public for buying and selling. This actually also increases the cases of scams and so for this reason, you have to be careful on how you manipulate your gift cards.

This articles compiles of some of the best and trustworthy sites which you can consider when you want to buy gift cards online instantly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you Buy Gift Cards with PayPal?

Yes. Buying gift cards on PayPal is simple and you can buy over 300 gift card brands using your PayPal balance in online stores such as Gyft, eGifter, Giftnix, Dundle, etc. Apart from using PayPal for making payments, PayPal also sells gift cards for popular brands. PayPal Digital Gifts allows you to send a variety of gift cards to family and friends.

Do e-gift cards come instantly?

Yes, as soon as you have paid for an e-gift card, it will be sent to you immediately via Email or sms.

Is it possible to buy gift cards online?

Not only can you buy physical gift cards online, but you can also purchase and email an e-gift card directly to a recipient's inbox with a personal message. These virtual gift cards can be used at, allowing your recipient to start shopping right away.

How long does it take to get an online gift card?

Orders for digitally delivered gift cards (E-Mail) are typically fulfilled in less than 5 minutes of successful completion of your order.

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