Full List Of Check Cashing Machines Near Me

This article provides an in-depth look at the various types of cashing machines available, as well as tips on how to choose the best one for your need
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Check Cashing Machines Near Me

There exist numerous reasons why you may want to know, "Where can I find a check cashing machine near me?"

Like for example, you might wish to get a check cashed outside of regular business hours, or you may want to cash a check without a bank account. Or may be you just want to get your check cashed quickly and conveniently.

A check cashing machine such as ATM, is mostly when you do not have one of these 24 hour check cashing places near you.

In this article, we will tackle everything you need to know about check cashing machines, and where you can find check cashing kiosks and ATMs near you.

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What is a Check Cashing Machine?

A check cashing machine in simple words can be referred to as any free standing machine, such as check cashing kiosk or an ATM that lets you to cash paper checks.

You will most often find check cashing kiosks in retail or convenience stores and they have a touchscreen interface to ease transactions. It is good you have in mind that they will charge you a fee for cashing a check.

Most at times, these machines require you to have a:

  • Paper check
  • A Valid photo ID, such as driver's license or other state-issued ID.
  • Also, you need to sign at the back of a check to cash it a kiosk.

Several check cashing kiosks will accept payroll and government checks, like Social Security checks and tax rebate checks.

So here are things you will basically need if you want to cash a check at an ATM:

  • Your card's PIN.
  • An endorsed check.
  • A debit, ATM, or prepaid debit card.

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Where to Find a Check Cashing Machine Near You

Incase you need to find a check cashing machine near you, then it is good you consider the options you will see in this section.

Below are two major check cashing kiosk providers.

1. SAM Check Cashing

With SAM Check Cashing, you are able to cash money orders, paychecks, government checks, stimulus checks, food stamps and Social Security Checks.

You can cash a check without a bank account by simply visiting a SAM Machine and then following the on-screen prompts to cash your checks.

All that is required from you to cash your check at SAM Check Cashing is your phone number and ID.

The fee which you will incur for using the SAM Machine depends on the state and the store, but the fee is basically between 2% and 5%.

It is good you keep at the back of your mind that SAM Check Cashing does not accept cashier's checks or personal checks, because they highly believe that fraud is very common with these types of checks.

If your check is already more than 21 days old, then you will not be able to cash your check at SAM Check Cashing cause they do not accept checks older than 21 days from the issue date.

You can easily find SAM Machines at grocery stores and convenience stores. Click here to find a check cashing machine near you.

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2. Mr. Payroll

At Mr. Payroll, you will be able to cash a variety of different checks such as:

  • Government/tax refund checks
  • Paychecks
  • 401(k)
  • Insurance checks
  • Money orders
  • Cashier's Checks
  • Two-Party Checks
  • Comchecks

The fees is on average 1% to 2% of the check amount depending on the type of check which you show up with.

You are able to find Mr. Payroll facilities located inside convenience stores, gas stations, and other shops. Click here to find a check cashing machine near you.

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ATMs With Check Cashing

Several banks offer their customers with ATM check cashing and what makes ATMs machines a better option is that, in most cases, they are always open 24/7 even on weekends. So you can easily cash your check anytime you need to it.

It is good to note that you will need to be an account holder at the bank that owns the ATM. If you do not have an account with a bank or credit union, you will incur fees and might not even complete the transaction.

You can cash your check at numerous ATMs.

Technically, you are not really cashing the check but rather, you are depositing the check and then withdrawing the funds. However, the outcome is the same since you get the cash from the check.

Due to the fact that there is check cashing ATMs on most corners, it is such convenient option. And what makes it even more convenient is that some large national banks actually provide 24-hour access to their ATM network.

Making sure that the specific check-cashing machine that you plan to use does indeed accept deposits is very essential because some older ATMs may not accept deposits. ATMs that have check scanners are more likely to give you access to your funds immediately.

Below are some banks that have check cashing ATMs:

  1. Capital One
  2. Wells Fargo
  3. Bank of America
  4. TD Bank
  5. US Bank
  6. Chase
  7. Fifth Third Bank
  8. Citibank
  9. M&T Bank

More Check Cashing Options

If you are in search of how to cash a check near you quickly and conveniently, then here some more great options for you to consider.

Grocery Stores

If you want to cash a check near you, then you need to try local grocery stores cause these stores might sometimes provide similar convenient check cashing service that you will find at an ATM.

There exist grocery stores that even let you cash a check 24 hours a day, so in case traditional banking hours do not work for you, you can instead head on over to your local grocery store.

Generally, grocery stores do not cash personal checks but you will be able to cash other types of checks at the grocery store.

Checks that you can cash here are those with a magnetic link and not those that are handwritten.

In order to cash your check at a grocery store, you will need a valid ID, so ensure to come along with the right documentation.

Below are grocery stores that cash checks:

  • Hy-Vee
  • Kroger and its subsidiaries
  • Winco Foods
  • Walmart

Check Cashing Stores

Check cashing stores are also another good option that offers a 24-hour check cashing, so they actually stand as a good option especially if you want to cash a check outside of regular business hours. The set back here is that they charge fees.

The fees vary from place to place and it is advisable to call ahead and get proper idea of what you will need to pay for cashing the type of check that you have.

Several check cashing stores provide other financial services, alongside check cashing, like payday loans (do your best to avoid this), money transfer services and installment loans.

Below are some 24-hour check cashing stores:

  • Speedy Cash
  • PLS Check Cashing

Final Thoughts: Cashing Machines Near Me

So if you are wondering, "Where can I Find a check cashing machine near me?" then you have a plethora of options.

You are able to find self-service check cashing machines at SAM Check Cashing and Mr. Payroll offers check cashing machines too. Also, ATMs are another good option which you can consider.

You might also want to try other convenient places to cash checks, such as grocery stores, like Walmart and Kroger, gas stations, like 7-Eleven and Pilot Flying J and also check cashing stores like PLS check cashing and Speedy Cash.

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