How to Open a Bank Account in Finland Online [Complete Process]

Want to open a bank account in Finland? Then this is the complete guide for you as I will show you in this article the different documents
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Open a Bank Account in Finland Online

Want to open a bank account in Finland? Then this is the complete guide for you as I will show you in this article the different documents and procedures that you need in order to open a bank account in Finland.

Finland is popularly known as one of the most cashless countries in the world which means that most of the transactions in this country are carried out directly through phone and this is the main reason why you need a bank in Finland that will help you manages your finances in Finland and also allows you to exercise yourself financially in the country. Aside your smartphone, you can also make transactions via a card in cities and rural areas in Finland.

Finland features as one of the world's wealthiest countries and as a result of this, residents of this countries have almost everything at hand as well as access to a wide range of social services.

This country is also well loved by foreigners and expats especially Helsinki which is one of the towns in Finland.

So in case you are planning to reside in Finland as a student, worker, or retire and enjoy its ski lodge, then you will probably be in need of a bank account and luckily, the process of opening a bank account in Finland is even more simple than you can ever imagine.

So in this article, I will provide you with a guide that allows you to open a bank account in Finland without any challenge.

Banking System in Finland

You are going to find banks such as Domestic, Scandinavian, international and virtual banks in Finland. It is always necessary to check out the fees associated with each bank while looking for the bank that suits you best. It is known that some banks in Finland often charge a maintenance fee of roughly 2 Euros.

Some other banks even levy a mobile banking fee even though it is becoming less dominant. It is necessary that you have in mind that numerous banks in Finland provide free accounts to students and young people so do not forget to inquire whether you are qualify or not.

Further more, fees for making use of ATMs at a non affiliated bank are common in Finland os you have to ensure that the bank you select offers suiting ATM locations or other ways of cash withdrawals in case you are in need of it.

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Can I Open a Bank Account in Finland as A Non- Resident ?

Yes, even though as a non resident, you can still open bank accounts in Finland due to the fact that banks here have special accounts called "international accounts" that are developed mainly for this reason. Normally, the bank documentation need will differ from bank to bank so its necessary that you call or go online so as to enquire from your chosen bank.

You may encounter additional prerequisites for opening overseas accounts, as well as limitations on assigned to the account, but as a general rule, all important banking services such as transfers and cash withdrawals will be available with the account. In most of the cases, it is fast and easy to open a finish personal account.

Documents Required to Open a Bank Account in Finland

Prior to 2014, foreigners found it difficult to open a bank account in Finland because it required Finnish documentation. Finnish banks now accept a broader range of documents, thanks to a policy shift prompted by a July 2014 decision by Finland's Discrimination Tribunal, which barred banks from discriminating against those who only possessed identity documents issued by other countries.

So below are the documents that are required from you by the Finnish banks in order to open a bank account;

  • Passport
  • Additional form of picture identification
  • Proof of address- such as utility bill or a piece of official government correspondence

With respect to the bank and your situation, you may need to show additional proof which is often better for you to verify this with your selected bank.

  • Residence Permit or Visa
  • Kela card ( with photo) - This is the card that shows that you can be covered by the Finnish social security system.
  • Finnish personal ID number - also called henkilotunnus

If you do not yet have a Finnish address, you can open a non-resident bank account. This account, on the other hand, has some limitations. With a non-resident bank account, you may not be able to access online banking or other services. This restriction should be lifted after three months of residence in Finland. Before going down this road, make sure to compare the restrictions of various non-resident accounts.

Best Banks in Finland

As we said above in this article, all banks in Finland will have English speaking personnel; nonetheless people who speak another foreign language may have difficulties and you have more than 240 banks to lick from so for this reason, you will have numerous options.

All banks provide their clients with amazing service, English language online banking and a large network of ATMs and located in numerous regions.

From a general point of view, it is observe that all banks provide free account opening with a monthly fees (typically 2 euros) that may cover your debit card and other benefits such as rewards. Nearly all banks provide free accounts for students and young people.

Below are some of the best banks in Finland for Residents, Non Residents and Students.

1. Holvi Bank Finland

Among the best banks in Finland, is Holvi which is an online bank for freelancers and small enterprises hat provides a convenient business solution. Even though it is a financial firm that was just created a few years back, it still provides excellent services and has been acquired by BBVA.

2. Aktia Bank Finland

This bank counts close to 200 years of experience serving individuals and institutions, and for this reason Aktia is Finland's oldest bank. This bank provides complete online and phone services and operates in 430 locations thanks to a partner network.

Cash is also available from partner supermarkets. It provides all necessary financial services, such as cards and basic accounts, and online banking provides all necessary services for both individuals and businesses. Despite the fact that the website is not in English, Google Translator can assist you with translation.

You can make use of its online banking services for numerous reasons such as paying invoices, making foreign payments, and also checking your account balances alongside making changes to your credit and debit card information as well as your insurance and loan information. Via the message tab, youa re able to securely reach the customer services.

3. Nordea Bank Finland

Nordea is the region's largest bank, with more than 650 branches and millions of customers worldwide. It provides all necessary banking services and encourages you to call so that they can best serve you. Nordea Mobile, Netbank, the Code app, and Nordea Wallet are among the best online and mobile banking services on the market.

Nordea Bank Account for Foreigners and Non-Residents

Nordea is among the online banks in Finland that allows you to open a bank account as a foreigner. But with respect to your financial relationship with your home country, you can be required to provide some additional documents for the processing of your account and the best way though as an expat is for you to land in the country and then finish setting up your account.

4. OP Bank Finland

Having close to 200 locations and 1.5 million customers, OP is one of Finland's largest banks and with them, you have access to the otto ATM network as part of your account.

OP bank offers their broad spectrum of customers with a comprehensive range of banking services such as simple current and savings account for invest and retirement planning.

5. Danske Bank Finland

 Danske is a Finnish bank that provides bank accounts for all types of personal and corporate purposes, including  particular deals for students and young professionals, teenagers and a unique account called the Danske Cash Reward account, that comes with an annual bonus of 84 euros.

The methodology on opening a bank account in Finland is quite straightforward  and less challenging, so you should come across minimal difficulties when doing this.

Incase you become confuse at some point about what sort of proof is required from you, then we recommend you to call or email your preferred bank.

The cost of banking in Finland might be high so it is left on to you to locate the right account price structure that suits you best. Most banks often have a charge list on their website in English but in case you cannot see one, then you can ask for the one at the branch.

How to Open  A Finnish Bank Account Online

There are great banks in Finland( such as Nordea and Aktia) that allows you to open a bank account in Finland online even though they offer both traditional and online banking options.

ome financial institutions operate entirely online, allowing you to open a Finnish bank account that you can use anywhere in the EU/EEA.

Transfers are simplified with these banks because they do not charge a lot of fees for international transfers, which means you can transfer money out of the SEPA zone without paying a lot of money.

Online banks such as N26 and B2BPay make banking easier by giving you complete control over your virtual account. N26 provides a virtual Mastercard debit card that can be used with mobile wallets like Google Pay and Apple Pay, as well as PayPal.

One of the amazing features about this online banks is that they let you open a bank account in Finland and most European countries as a non resident.

Below are the steps that you have to follow in order to open an online bank account in Finland

  1. You have to pick an online bank below
  2. Once you have made your choice, go to your banks website and then signup for an account
  3. You will have to provide all the documents that will be need from you to in order to open your account
  4. Then you will have to wait for your account approval
  5. Once your account is already approved, you can now start banking within Finland

What to Consider Before Opening a Bank Account in Finland

  • The bank provides online banking solutions to their customers (for bills payment and most of your banking transactions)
  • The statements that will be sent to you  will be written in English (Finnish and Swedish are also options)
  • You can use your ATM card not only in cash machines, but also in restaurants, shops, and other establishments.

Best Online Banks in Finland for Residents, Non- Residents, Expats and Foreigners

N26 Online Bank Account

One of the most popularly known online financial institutions is N26 and this for its top notched services and also because it has served the banking industry for many years till date.

This is an amazing online bank for you to get started as a non resident in Europe and the good news is that the accounts that you get from them benefits from SEPA transactions, and also you will are going to pay little or no fees for some transactions made with N26.

B2BPay Online Bank Account

B2BPay is yet another fintech financial institution that allows you to open a bank account in Europe as either a resident or a non-resident. B2BPay is the preferred payment method for most individuals and businesses, especially expats.

With a B2BPay online bank account, you can easily make and receive money in the SEPA Zone without incurring any fees. The exchange rate is calculated in real-time for each foreign transaction, saving you money on conversion rates.

Best Banks in Finland for Foreigners and Non-Resident

Nordea Bank is a well-known Finnish bank that accepts applications from non-residents without discrimination. This is the best bank for expats, foreigners, and non-residents planning to travel to Finland by plane. It retains its position as the best, despite the fact that only a few banks allow foreigners to open bank accounts in the country.

Final Thought on How to Open  a Bank Account in Finland Online

Finland is popularly known as one of the most cashless countries in the world which means that most of the transactions in this country are carried out directly through phone and this is the main reason why you need a bank in Finland that will help you manages your finances in Finland and also allows you to exercise yourself financially in the country.

Aside your smartphone, you can also make transactions via a card in cities and rural areas in Finland.

Aside from traditional banks that provide online banking services, N26 and B2Bpay are two entirely online banks that provide a broader range of banking services.

It is simple to open a Finnish bank account online — simply choose a bank, provide the necessary information, apply, be approved, and begin banking in the country.

Before going in for any bank in the country, make sure you checkout the fees associated to each bank and go in for the one that suites your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions on How to Open a Bank Account in Finland Online

How long does it take to open bank account in Nordea?

Normally, we can open a new account in the next 1-2 business days if you already are a customer in Nordea. If your account is more urgent than this, please contact your local Nordea team.

Can I open a Finnish bank account online?

Foreigners are now unable to open Finnish bank accounts online. All you have to do to get started if you're in Finland is show up at the bank with your paperwork. There is no need to bring a translator because almost everyone working there speaks English.

How do I get a Finland bank account?

Opening a bank account often requires a legitimate and admissible requirement, for example permanent domicile, employment or studying in Finland. Proof of employment could be a current employment contract or salary slip, and in the case of studies a certificate of admission to your place of study or a student card.

How do I deposit money into Nordea?

If you have a debit-enabled Visa Debit, Visa Electron, or Mastercard/Visa combo card from Nordea Bank Finland, you can make a deposit. The Business Visa Debit card and Business Deposit Card are accepted for cash deposits from corporate clients.

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